Singular Architecture is architecture aligned with Nature. Nature is holistic, and holistic environments are fabricated places within which we tell a story. Singular Architecture is an instrumental labyrinth of pathways and intersections. Walking through the labyrinth, the story told is one of resonating harmonic connection. When we breathe life into our architecture, our architecture will breathe life into us.

As intervention into artificial environments, it shapes places as medicinal tonics for culture. SA tectonics architecturally engage a continuum of energetic translation between people and place, from the microcosm within our bodies to the macroscope of spiritual space, shifting toward increasing potential energy.

--- Heather Hoeksema, Architect

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'Blue Shades'
(lyrics + sample clip)

by Heather Hoeksema




Blue shades to green, dark haze to gray

Your heart beat's skippin' past every day.

Your thoughts run wild at a pace past pleasin' to your soul,

Turn arond all you see is the hole

that ya dug for yourself, turned a blind eye

All that ya had you gave the guy.


( ...guitar instrumental)


Found out too fast cliches of love

live as simple perfect pleasures shinin' light up above

Head was spinnin' hair long so strong

livin' day to day the daze nothin' could go wrong.


Burnin' both ends silver rope tied tight middle dope

slope ground lookin' glass sparkle kaleidoscope.


You were so bold yourself,

as you would hold your self

You sold your soul.


( ...guitar instrumental)


Blue shades to green, dark haze to black

Told him twenty two time you'd never take him back

Voices screamin' muted muffled sound round and round

Drums crack crystal clear vibration left unfound.


Five finger flat hands

Funckin' face in the ground.


( ...guitar instrumental)


You were so bold yourself,

You broke the mold yourself

You sold you soul.


As black turned blue, blood boiled to pink

Thick hands around your throat you began to sink

Blurry vision followed up with a deep incision

Painted walls what you needed was a physical collision.


Back hand to left cold cock to right,

Took to center ring as he picked a fight

Staccato red in bright light what a sight dead of night

One swift packed punch he took a magical flight.


( ...guitar instrumental)


You broke the mold yourself,

Lingering soul yourself

He stole your soul.