'Rode Show'
(lyrics + sample clip)

by Heather Hoeksema




One in the mornin' came without warnin',

You snuck into my room, bees started swarmin'.

Two o'clock came around still you didn't make a sound,

I asked you if you felt, as your feet touched the ground.


And I said 'Hey, thought ya loved me... that's okay,

Ain't that the way these things go anyway?'


( ...guitar instrumental)


Another hour came and then you went,

We talked of our fears, jesus we were spent.

Four o'clock came alive in the bee hive

The apostles took notes, on your wheels you would drive

Your way home.


All I wanna know now, which way d'ya go...

Did you take it fast or slow?

All I want to know now, did you make it home...

Did you drive too fast or go slow?


( ...guitar instrumental)


The clock shined five as the show went live,

You knocked on my door, what excuse you derived

I don't wanna know, cause your home now.

All I wanna know, did you like it fast or slow?


You're home now, let's skip the rodeshow

Sun's comin' up, I hear the wind start to blow.

All I wanna know, do you love me

Did you like it fast, did you like it slow?

All I wanna know...


The house was warmin' bee calm swarmin'

Just past six sky clouds dark started stormin'.

Six turned seven, the darkness parted toward heaven,

The apostles had gone and your engine revin'...


And I said 'Hey, do you love me?'

Should we take it fast, or should we take it slow...

I don't wanna know.


Figure eights 'round 'round there was silence in sound,

As children we lay in our love we had drowned

All I wanna know, do you love me?

Do you love me, more than the rodeshow...