'Pleasin/ possessive'
(lyrics + sample clip)

by Heather Hoeksema




Pretty please don't stop, put the sugar on top

Dance like a bunny hip hippity hop

Legs shake shakin' to a clippity clop,

Keep on movin' 'til both shoes drop.


Cause I'm pleasin'...

Easy breezin'...


Use me up get what you want, get what you need

Come back for more let me hear ya plead,

Tell me I'm pretty like a sun flower seed,

Let me see those teeth, let me feel that greed.


'Cause I'm pleasin'

Easy peasin'

In the breezin'


( ...guitar instrumental)


Pretty please don't stop, put the cherry on top

Reprimand me like a good bad cop,

I'll fall on the floor, you can use your mop

Take out your whip, let me shape your crop...


'Cause I'm pleasin'

Every season...

Without reason



In the breezin'


I'm damned if I do, damned if I won't

I'll use my will and you're damned if I don't...

I'll roll you up in a butter croisant,

Eat' cha for lunch with those teeth that ya flaunt...


Cause I'm pleasin'

I ain't teasin'


( ...guitar instrumental)


I'll sing you a song, do a little dance

Mezmerize put you in a trance,

Work a little harder and I'll give you a chance,

Be a good boy I'll let you take out my lance...


Cause it's pleasin'

Pretty please don't stop now I'm on top...

Yellin' treasin.


( ...guitar instrumental)