'Pleasing/ permissive'
(lyrics + sample clip)

by Heather Hoeksema




Sun shinin' high in the sky

It's so pleasing...

Birds flyin' high in the shy

Ya know it's so pleasing


Sun shinin' high in the fly

So pleasing...

Not needin' to know why

Don't need no reasin'


Missed the target just by a shy

So ...

Take anotha' shot give it try

Red dots freezing


( ...guitar intrumental)


Girls gone high and dry

Ya think it's so plea-sing

Pretendin' not to want to cry

Say goodbye


( ...guitar instrumental)


Anotha' guy playin' the sly,

He thinks he's so pleasing...

Trippin' past our eyes in the sky

Guilty of love treasin'

... Guilty of love.


Sun shinin' high in sky

She know she's so pleasing

Burnin' through our eyes in the sly

She's just teasin' ...