'Gran D'illusion' ...wrote a letta' to my man
(lyrics + sample clip)

by Heather Hoeksema




Wrote a letta' to myself

Put it in my pocket,

Could of folded it ten times

Hid it in a locket.


Was a grand illusion

Messin' with my cred,

Stirrin' up false confusion

So lightly I did tread

A quiet planned intrusion

Slippin' into his bed,

A temple of love protrusion

Pushin' my heart over my head.


( ... guitar instrumental)


Wrote a letta' to myself

Lit it on fi-er,

Painted a sign bright red lead

Sayin' baby not for hi-er.


Was a gran dillusion

Spinnin' through my head,

Border line mass contusion

So a head lines read,

Perpetual false conclusion

'Cause rumors always spread,

Everyone but one in collusion

The final virus had fed.


( ...guitar instrumental)


Wrote a letta' to myself

Tore it up to shred,

Puzzled pieces edge to edge

Took out the needle and the thread.


Stitched up false reclusion

Alphabetical paper misled,

Turned words to sound occlusion

As my desperate palms red plead,

Found faith in pure seclusion

To secrecy I fled,

Hard wired ironic infusion

From my fingertips I bled.


( ...guitar instrumental)


Wrote a letta' to myself

Wrote it with my own hand,

Signed, sealed, and sent

Didn't know if it would land.


All around gran d'illusion

The kind that everyone should dread,

Instead sure fast institution

Just the way that some are bred,

Seeking resitution

My snake skin began to shed,

Started an initial revolution

Any other choice and I'd be dead.


( ...guitar instrumental)