'End Less'
(lyrics + sample clip)

by Heather Hoeksema




Followin' an endless line,

Infinite points at the end of sign,

It was endless, less than an end...

Endless... old letters to send.


An obsolete mind, lookin' for a find

shifting through the ruins, wishin' you were blind

It was endless, less than an end

Endless, a just invisible friend...


( ...guitar instrumental)


Washed upon a shore, always wanting more

Cracks between the gold, lookin' for a score

You were endless, less than an end

So defendless, not knowing what to amend...


( ...guitar instrumental)


Folded like a child, aftaid to be defiled

Runnin' from the world, runnin' fast and wild

You were pretendless, you failed to descend

It was endless, even endings suspend.


( ...guitar instrumental)


Followin' an infinite sign

Bold letters to send...