'Pole Position'
(lyrics + sample clip)

by Heather Hoeksema




Pole position two one way vision

Three blind ambition, on your fast track mission

Takin' em out with every quick decision...

Sure was nice to meet ya.


Front row seat, tasty and sweet

Switch left right ten times repeat

Fantastic static rush to retreat...

Can ya please repeat ya.


Pole position...

Grant you vision

To my indecision.


Fork in the road with your heavy load

Wheels almost slowed, I think you gonna impload,

Exploitation of your morris code

Dig that sound ya beat ya.


Soul revision...

Thick steakin' out

Your next acquisition.


( ...guitar instrumental)


One step two step, anyway your through shep

Black rip blue strip, boardin' on the cruise ship

Secrets always best kept, itchin' for a true trip...

Sure was nice to cheat ya.


Role play transition...

Workin' the cracks

Of your deepest fission.


Clean the slate, not enough on the plate

Another one on the hook betta' wash the bait

Cut off the head, it's time ta skate...

Sure was nice ta eat ya.


( ...guitar instrumental)