Singular Architecture is architecture aligned with Nature. Nature is holistic, and holistic environments are fabricated places within which we tell a story. Singular Architecture is an instrumental labyrinth of pathways and intersections. Walking through the labyrinth, the story told is one of resonating harmonic connection. When we breathe life into our architecture, our architecture will breathe life into us.

As intervention into artificial environments, it shapes places as medicinal tonics for culture. SA tectonics architecturally engage a continuum of energetic translation between people and place, from the microcosm within our bodies to the macroscope of spiritual space, shifting toward increasing potential energy.

--- Heather Hoeksema, Architect


_______________________WRITING KEY







Spoken and written, as compositions of strings of lettered words, quotes repeat an authoritative point. 'Quotes' cite a source of authorship. Quotation marks can be either single marks or double marks. The distinction of use resides in whether referenced authorship is an initial or internal quotations within quotations. This relationship between single and double quotes is a Singular one, frequently used in writing scripts.






"It's all about the balls, it's all about the balls."



"The clever revolver resolved as it evolved the riddle it solved."



"Iris and will danced under the moon and stars, as the will of the sun rose in the eyes of iris."



"A 'one' empirical secret is that 'all' have secrets."