Singular Architecture is architecture aligned with Nature. Nature is holistic, and holistic environments are fabricated places within which we tell a story. Singular Architecture is an instrumental labyrinth of pathways and intersections. Walking through the labyrinth, the story told is one of resonating harmonic connection. When we breathe life into our architecture, our architecture will breathe life into us.

As intervention into artificial environments, it shapes places as medicinal tonics for culture. SA tectonics architecturally engage a continuum of energetic translation between people and place, from the microcosm within our bodies to the macroscope of spiritual space, shifting toward increasing potential energy.

--- Heather Hoeksema, Architect

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________________________Sound & Light

Sound + Light meet touch, in vibrating resonance, translating sensory experience which crosses all boundaries. As our perception meets our sense of touch, we tell a story, a labyrnthine story of multiple meanings from which everyone can engage their own personal experience. It begins as we become the authors of our personal experience, with written strokes of light. Following are written Singular Essays and Stories..


________________________Written Works
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singular story

black shep

A ten train

techno jesus

stair cast











State Licensure/ California, et al
Certifications/ LEED AP
Academy/ MArch II, SCIArc Inst of Arch
MArch studies, Harvard GSD, UVA Grad Arch
BScience Arch, U of MI Arch + Urban Plng
Loyola University/ Pre Med program
Teaching/ USC, Chicago Art Inst, UVA, SCIArc
Culture/ Singing in Carnegie Hall '88
Community/ Yoga Instructor Assist L100 '08
Women in Film Member '12


Professional Story

Ms. Hoeksema is an architect, author, and musician. With a background in the human sciences and extensive experience in the cultural arts, she has developed a conceptual foundation for shaping environmental experience. This foundation intuitively and intentionally integrates healthy living and healing environments with architecture through a physiological understanding of fabricated place. She is a licensed Professional Architect and has exhibited and produced work internationally.

She expanded her focus from the study of health at the human scale to the scale of the fabricated environment after receiving a scholarship to the University of Michigan School of Architecture + Urban Planning. Also having become an experimental artist and exhibitor of painting, textiles, and photographic media; she began to integrate her work in the arts with her scientific background. This led to her innovative approach for shaping architecture as living environments; from the perspective of both science and philosophy.

The breadth of Ms. Hoeksema's experience includes roles on globally significant architectural developments such as the Music and Dance Theatre in Chicago's Millennium Park. She has worked with the likes of historically renowned architects including Eric Lloyd Wright as well as internationally significant firms. Through her private practice she has been commissioned nationally for articulating both interior cultural spaces and homes.

She has taught at a number of higher learning institutions including the School of the Art Institute of Chicago; in addition to modest public speaking and volunteer work with organizations like Rush University Medical Center and Free Arts for abused children. She is founder of the in progress entity Institute of Environmental Intellect which is poised to offer an authentic approach to education in addition to guidance for environmentally based research projects. Her multi-disciplinary architecture lab, HHEAL, has been active for well over a decade. She has been involved in the practice and academia of Architecture, integrating healing and environments as Singular Architecture, for over 20 years.


Personal Story

Ms. Hoeksema was born in Phoenix in a Native American hospital. Her delivering physician was Dr. Childs. With her birth came a heart murmur. Yet she was blessed with Navajo caregivers, syncing her rhythms into place. She almost drowned in a pool during this first year of life. Her parents then moved to the mid west, bringing artifacts from the caregivers... an Indian doll and a papoose.

Raised by an orthopedic surgeon and gallery connoisseur, she learned early on to translate between objective thinking and subjective intuition. She often found herself resonating between the two, at times lingering in suspense. She played the piano for years, her most memorable moment a concert trio of Canon in D. Soon after, she had the fascinating experience singing with a choir in Carnegie Hall.

Her grandmothers cared for her grandfathers. Her mother's mother graciously left the eighth grade to care for her dying sister. Her father's mother kept boxes of diaries. Her mother's father started his own electric company after he was shot upon storming the beaches of Normandy. Her father's father was a navy man stationed in Japan, and a doctor of organic chemistry. They worked hard for what they had, and did their best to respect people and the environment around them. They had character.

Her ongoing balancing act between science and art eventually led to her pursuit of architecture, following studies in the human sciences. She often considered being a doctor, and chose a different path after sensing the inherent contradictions between technological medicine and well being. Later in time, this sentiment guided her interest in shaping healing environments.

Living in many regions of the states, she often found herself observing more than producing for fear of being wasteful. Working, thinking, teaching... and writing, she montaged together experiences that led her to where all lost Souls eventually land. This land was the maze of Los Angeles. Ever since this landing she has been fabricating a labyrinth.

She had two dogs as she navigated across the country. The first one Tess, bit her mom on the head. The second, Dozer, chewed up her Indian doll. Her childhood dog Brandy had been her best friend. She thinks patriarchal religion, unbridled, will mathematically lead to human extinction. Nature is God, existing in a composing continuum within and between two resonant beings.




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_____________SINGULAR ARCHITECTURE_____________



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'Singular Butterfly: Verse 3/3' book is in print. It will be available at multiple venues in the LA area, nationally, yet most importantly it is available here at SingularArchitecture.com.

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Singular Butterfly


author: Heather Hoeksema
size: 8" x 8"
length: 100 pages
pricing: $28



Select 'Verse 3/3' Topics:

Singular Butterfly
Reverse Effect
Dynamic Fluid
Resonant Scales
Tectonic Balance
Calibrative Adaptation
Buffering Fluid
Transcending Scale











_____________VERSE 3/3 : SINGULAR BUTTERFLY_____________
The Field Effect ~ note E


' Butterfly Ribbons '

The Singular Butterfly takes an epic flight.  Moving through Nature's energetic fields, the butterfly is the field guide for discovery of Soul.  It stimulates the 'holistic' butterfly effect, a tonic medicinal for the modern human race.  Modern chaos theory is defined as the interactivity of energy between an intimate multidimensional event and a macro scale event later in time, by way of the invisible dynamic energy fields in Nature.  Exponential expanding, folding and stretching toward extreme disorder, leads to chaos.  This chaos is the result of the 'modern' butterfly effect, a dangerous distancing from Nature.  The holistic butterfly effect is the return flight of the Singular Butterfly, unfolding artificial modern objectivism into an articulated map guiding us through the labyrinthine story.  The butterfly oscillates its wings, unfolding infolding unfolding with sound silence sound in reverse effect, reshaping the climate to its initial harmonic frequencies.  It transcends scale in a seed stitch across the atmosphere stimulating sustainable growth.  The Singular Butterfly is our field guide to a new discovery of human kind, in alignment with the laws of Nature.



Our sixth energy center in our pineal gland sustains healing somatic sense when resonating at 432 hertz, naturally aligned with the frequency of 7.83 hertz of the ionosphere.  The ionosphere is the plasma surround between the earth's atmosphere and space.  Harmonic principles shape how an instrument tuned to this natural frequency stimulates healing.  Starting with note C at 256 hertz, tuning the succession of octaves in a progression of five octaves, results in a natural frequency of 432 hertz at note A.  This is the natural eigen resonance of our sixth energy center within our pineal gland.  Modern music shifted the tuning of instruments to artificial frequency, stretching the octaves resulting in a frequency of note A at 440 hertz.  This frequency is sensorially flattening, causing equilibrium void of harmonic balance.  This frequency desensitizes us from the inherent sympathetic vibe of Nature.  Hence, it desensitizes us from empathizing with others.  An electronic keyboard is tuned to 440 hertz.  Antithetically, a piano with strings, tuned by ear, can align with the natural frequency of 432 oscillations per second stimulating a vibration of sympathy.  This is actually called scientific tuning, and is aligned with the frequencies of Nature.  Nature is scientific



Nature adapts to support life.  It adapts in shape without form, sustaining the calibration of the fluid dynamic energetic matrix in a continuous shape shift.  With its aerial view of all things, Nature adapts like the field of butterflies in flight.  From the microscope of the scales on the butterfly wings moving with the shifting wind, to the interrelating field of many butterflies in flight, ever moving shape is the perfect adaptive technique.  Knowledge of the atlas of the earth for ideal migration and flower pollination is the source of the butterfly's field guide capabilities.  Within the ever changing nature of things, knowledge is translated through the energetic fields moving in a dynamic continuum.  This knowledge is revealed only in the adaptive waves of natural adaptation, adaptation that is healing.







_____________VERSE 2/2 : RESONANT INVISIBLE_____________
Kinetic Windows ~ note D


' Cradle of Human Kind '

Images flashing across the modern maze, bright lights reflect hypnotic screen shots into the eye.  Trance screens flattening senses, racing humans become numb to real emotion.  As the race runs further from sensory connection, human kind transcends with Resonating Invisible sense experience.  Stimulating resonant sound translating through our pelvic butterfly, all senses ignite.  Lifting through our tonic chord, the oscillating butterfly takes flight.  We transcend the visible.  We ascend to invisible Soul.  We ascend in our dreams.  In this oscillating dream state, we travel through the holographic horizon between physical and subtle body.  The maze becomes a navigating labyrinth.  Bright lights no more, projecting inflecting insight with our sixth sense resonating our pelvic butterfly, our Soul guides us.  We walk the astral labyrinth of the stars in our dreams.  Descending to earth with our Soul, we wake to the photonic light of day. 



Our eyes are the windows to our Soul.  Historically a beautiful metaphor, this has recently become more scientifically true. The same way we understand our fingerprints as singular identity of our Selves, patterns in our iris are much the same. Each of us has different line structure, colors, and points within the iris of our eye. This idea can be interpreted by science in many ways.  The important point is that the view looking into the window of our eyes is as significant as how we see into another’s eye.  One only really exists in the eyes of another.  The beauty of this is that we are no longer defined by only our perspective, only our one view of things.  We are shaped in the translation, between our Self and Soul of another.  Individual identity is a myth.  Our sense of identity is shaped by how another looks into our eyes, inflecting with our sense of Self, and how we inflect into another.  We exist when another entity is lured into our singular being, and how we in turn gaze into their eyes.  So now it is clear, how our eyes truly are the windows to our Soul. Our Self is relational, shaped by how we are seen by another who takes the time to see us in depth and detail.



The resonating invisible atmosphere stimulates rebirth.  Like the growing child in the womb floats in fluidity, we lift from gravity experiencing a continuum of birth throughout life.  Composed mostly of water, we lift with fluid invision as we once did in the womb.  This birth experience is part of the expansive resonating atmosphere of the cosmos, as the sun and moon calibrate water on earth.  The unfolding cellular fields of the growing child calibrate day by day, in harmony with sun and moon.  Natural adaption aligns the smallest things on earth with the epic circumnavigation of Mother Earth, and beyond.  It aligns each fluid somatic cell in the growing child with cosmic verses of the planets.  The smallest happening, like an unfolding butterfly wing, has cause and effect.  This is how nature keeps peace.  Organic life works together within one system, to sustain life.  As the child learns this ideal, we learn from the pure nature of this new being.  We learn from the fluid invision of the child as a time capsule of knowledge, embodying the principles of adaptive sustainable growth.  This is the holistic nature of all things.







_____________VERSE 1/1 : EVOLUTIONARY ECHO_____________
Sonic Cycles ~ note C


' Chiral Butterlfy '

As human kind grows tired of the masks, an Evolutionary Echo begins to resonate. The false artifice of invented modern life has become habitual for the human race. Techno chronicles are every individual's journal. The artificial has superseded the natural in the modern world. Human civilization has met the end of its rope, and the evolutionary cusp is at the knot. Built on false premise, and unforgiving promise the towers rising tall have come to enclose the all that is unnatural.  As Nature is taxed, it wastes no time accommodating the challenge. It forces the hand of those disrespecting its inherent kindness, an eye on the holistic nature of things. When pushed to the threshold of chaos, it holds nothing back to counter the artificial toxicity. Nature shape shifts with grace, and heals our holistic atmosphere. In sonic cycles, screaming an Evolutionary Echo to return Mother Earth to a holistic atmosphere, human kind takes a monumental stand.  The Evolutionary Echo is here. Verses begin to balance.



During the ancient times, architecture was founded in the holistic.  Descending from the knowledge of the astral labyrinth of the stars, people drafted blueprints for places from their experiences with each other.  Architecture grew from culture, instead of imposing culture into environments.  Instrumental labyrinths were shaped connecting things greater and smaller than Self.  Resonating monuments brought people together, temples reached for the sun, and sanctuaries nurtured growth.  Communes threaded communicating paths, each person knowing the other’s name as they crossed ways.  The expansive reach of the meaning of architecture made it instrumental in harmonizing humans with nature’s system.  Connecting with Nature connected people to each other.  Architecture as instrument was fabricated to heal relationships between humans on earth and the cosmos, between each other, within the shared place between humanity and Nature.  Day to day healing in sonic cycles, energized life in the rebirth of Singular Nature.


The evolutionary echo is the inflecting 1:1 relationship, stimulating the Singular octave in a lift through our axis.  It is Self realizing Singular.  It is the monumental experience, grounding and resounding through our pelvic arch as we take a stand on the earth’s telluric surface elevating to our pelvic butterfly... knowing that we are connected.  It is the coupling oscillation of the sine waves omnipotent in Nature.  It is our sonic cycles, our cosmic verses in the balance.  This echo is a communication of giving and receiving.  Civilization has formed an earth flattened with artificial noise.  These artificial frequencies have made the human race tone deaf to natural resonance. Nature's resonance feeds the fluctuating equations of sustainable growth.  The modern has made people deaf to the dialog of the evolutionary echo.  Energetic coupling induction diminishing in the modern environment, the stimulating lift to the pelvic butterfly is diffused by muting ricochet.  Without echo, we are without ascending lift from faith.  So we sing, we inflect new Singular life in our rebirth with Nature. Our evolutionary echo is a sounding of human kind, giving harmonic resonance back to the earth. 







_____________VERSE 4/4 : INFINITE HEARTBEAT_____________
Infinity ~ note F


' Holistic Lorenzian Heartbeat '

Time is a simply a measurement.  Nature is infinite.  As we step in time with the harmonic frequencies of Nature, we compose an Infinite Heartbeat.  In rhythmic steps, one step two, our feet touch the ground.  Rhythm is a relationship between two opposite motions, a pattern of oscillating pulsing beats.  As we align our heartbeat with each other, infinity resonates in the atmosphere.  Feet touching the ground, lift in resonance.  Momentum increasing across the current of communing pathways, shared harmonic heartbeat becomes fluid.  Energetic synapses fire signals between the circuits.  Within these resilient rhythmic translations, the montage stitches together a seamless story, the story of the holistic labyrinth.  Heartbeats pump, overlapping amplifying with the heartbeat of earth.  Blood circulating footsteps stimulate feet stepping in synchronicity.  Energetic waves of time stitch relationships together resonating through connective tissue of the people.  Waves pulse in electric currents.  Breath intersecting across light hearts, each person tastes the kiss of communion with another. 



The sun and moon expand and contract with the verses of space, shaping cosmic connection with earth.  Day and night, the galaxy’s arms spiral in harmony from the end points of its ancient horizon.  The 24 hour cycle of the day imprints into our biophysical balance as the Circadian Rhythms cycle in the galaxy.  These daily rhythms have been observed in plants, animals, and all holistic life on earth connected with its omnipresent energetic fabric.  The butterflies ascend and descend between the earth and sky, stitching together the energy fields.  The flowers open their petals as the sunlight rises.  All life on earth is woven together through the atmospheric breath of Nature.  We are guided biophysically, by the relationship between our mother planet earth and the sun throughout the course of our day.  At night, the push pull of the moon and the stars are our rhythmic energy guide.  This cyclic rhythm, like all natural cycles, calibrates us in harmony with the energetic fabric of Nature.  Between the labyrinth inside our bodies and astral labyrinth of the stars, we find balance within this omnipotent system.  Gravity grounds our steps with the earth, and cosmic rhythms lift our resonating heart. 



Particles moving in atmospheric waves oscillate around magnetic centers.  Their frequencies shift within and around other energy cycles, through windows, and overlap in fields across the measures of holistic time.  Rhythmic time stitches these particles together.  As particles move in an atmospheric breath, they reconcile into physical bodies of energy.  They find placement, as fabricated potential.  Shifting again in suspended cycles they calibrate in a continuum of cycling waves. They become kinetic reaching toward an infinite state, stitching together the composition of life on earth.  Time is the rhythmic metronome.  When holistic composition of life on earth comes first, organic life is sustained.  Time engages organic life in a healing continuum.  When the relationships between the particles overlap, they naturally heal in energetic translations, calibrating the composition of resonating relationships.  The earth’s natural physiological system calibrates all states of matter, from gas, to liquid, to solid, to plasmatic aether in rhythmic translations.  Sustaining cycles set the heartbeat of Nature. 





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