Singular Architecture publishes authentic stories, in many mediums of conveyance. We integrate natural science and art to shape the fabric within which people can experience a personal story. As intervention into artificial environments, SA shapes places as medicinal tonics for modern life. Our stories align the audience with nature. Singular is a resonance, between one and two.

--- Heather Hoeksema, Author x Architect








__________'Modern Narcissist' ... a love poem

Took her to the bedroom
A cringe on his face
While watching the others
Engage in discrace

Hooked them up good
Whipped leather with lace
Watching then wanting
To put them in place

He fancied a man
Tight jeans and good taste
Nothing compared to his
Wash board waste

When it came time to clean
Went back to his waif
Didn’t matter a bit
His love made her chafe

Entitled to use
His ubiquitous whore
He shopped her around
Every virtual store

He promised to watch
Protect and preserve
In the end all he did
Was trick her to serve

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State Licensure/ California, Colorado, et al
Certifications/ LEED Accredited
Academy/ MArch II, SCIArc Inst of Arch
MArch studies, Harvard GSD, UVA Grad Arch
BScience Arch, U of MI Arch + Urban Plng
Loyola University/ Pre Med program
Teaching/ USC, Chicago Art Inst, UVA, SCIArc
Culture/ Singing in Carnegie Hall '88
Community/ Yoga Teaching Certification '07
Yoga Teaching Assistant '08
Women in Film Member '12

Professional Story

Ms. Hoeksema is an architect and author... of experience. Her passion is her music. With a background in the human sciences and extensive experience in the cultural arts, she has developed a conceptual foundation for shaping environmental experience. This foundation intuitively and intentionally integrates healthy living and healing environments with architecture through a physiological understanding of fabricated place. She maintains her professional architect status and has exhibited and produced work internationally.

She expanded her focus from the study of health at the human scale to the scale of the fabricated environment after receiving a scholarship to the University of Michigan School of Architecture + Urban Planning. Also having become an experimental artist and exhibitor of painting, textiles, and photographic media; she began to integrate her work in the arts with her scientific background.

During her younger years, she was an advanced student of calculus and chemistry. In 1993 she drafted a well researched essay on the effects of maternity ward environments on the birth experience, in contrast to home birth. In 1995, she was extricated from a team of 3 in her structures class, for directing the group analysis on the failure of the Tacoma Narrows bridge toward a humanist perspective about misdirection of 'civilized progress' and resulting consequences of industrial technology. These experiences, and many others, led to her innovative approach for shaping architecture as living environments; from the perspective of both science and philosophy.

The breadth of Ms. Hoeksema's experience includes roles on globally significant architectural developments such as the Music and Dance Theatre in Chicago's Millennium Park, with a specialty focus on the auditorium. She has worked with the likes of historically renowned architects including Eric Lloyd Wright as well as internationally significant firms. Through her private practice she has been commissioned nationally for articulating both interior cultural spaces and homes.

She has taught at a number of higher learning institutions including the School of the Art Institute of Chicago; in addition to modest public speaking and volunteer work with organizations like Rush University Medical Center and Free Arts for abused children. She chose to leave Harvard Graduate School of Design, after one semester of discovering its inherent contraditions between ethics and teaching. She is founder of the in progress entity Institute of Environmental Intellect which is poised to offer an authentic approach to education in addition to guidance for environmentally based research projects.

Her multi-disciplinary architecture lab, HHEAL, has been active for well over a decade. She has been involved in the practice and academia of Architecture, integrating healing and environments as Singular Architecture, for over 20 years. She had recently established Singular Architecture, a publishing entity of which the foundation is the 'Singular Architecture' book series. Singular Architecture is the foundation for HHEAL LLC productions.

She has completed the first book of the series 'Singular Butterfly: Verse 3/3' and distributed it in book stores nationally. She has also recently completed and published 'Flash Light: 9 Girls' Stories for Grown Ups' which is currently being distributed nationally as well. Her current production is a music album of her original singer/songwriter compositions titled 'Rode Show', which is also the title of her current tour of authored works.


Personal Story

Ms. Hoeksema was born in Phoenix in a Native American hospital. Her delivering physician was Dr. Childs. With her birth came a heart murmur. Yet she was blessed with Navajo caregivers, syncing her rhythms into place. She almost drowned in a pool during this first year of life. Her parents then moved to the mid west, bringing artifacts from the caregivers... an Indian doll and a papoose.

Raised by an orthopedic surgeon and gallery connoisseur, she learned early on to translate between objective thinking and subjective intuition. She often found herself resonating between the two, at times lingering in suspense. She played the piano for years, her most memorable moment a concert trio of Canon in D. Soon after, she had the fascinating experience singing with a choir in Carnegie Hall.

Her grandmothers cared for her grandfathers. Her mother's mother graciously left the eighth grade to care for her dying sister. Her father's mother kept boxes of diaries. Her mother's father started his own electric company after he was shot upon storming the beaches of Normandy. Her father's father was a navy man stationed in Japan, and a doctor of organic chemistry. They worked hard for what they had, and did their best to respect people and the environment around them. They had character.

Her ongoing balancing act between science and art eventually led to her pursuit of architecture, following studies in the human sciences. She often considered being a doctor, and chose a different path after sensing the inherent contradictions between technological medicine and well being. Later in time, this sentiment guided her interest in shaping healing environments. The only A+ she ever received on a report card was in ballet at the university, as a result of the paper she wrote for the class.

Living in many regions of the states, she often found herself observing more than producing for fear of being wasteful. Working, thinking, teaching... and writing, she montaged together experiences that led her to where all lost Souls eventually land. This land was the maze of Los Angeles. Ever since this landing she has been fabricating a labyrinth.

She had two dogs as she navigated across the country. The first one Tess, bit her mom on the head. The second, Dozer, chewed up her Indian doll. Her childhood dog Brandy had been her best friend. She thinks patriarchal religion, unbridled, will mathematically lead to human extinction. Nature is God, existing in a composing continuum within and between two resonant beings.




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Heather Hoeksema




' Mother's Little Killers '

This series of Essays, the first titled 'A Yellow Pill / Invisible War Begins', addresses what I believe the most significant issue in modern civilization. This is the selective engineering of population deaths. Managing death ratios of targeted human populations is facilitated by governing powers. It always has been. What people fail to address is the white elephant in the room. This is the truth that women, in particular, are utilized for initiating the execution of population engineering strategies. 'Gendercide' has always been the precursor for the systems utilized to facilitate intentionally undetectable, invisible genocide.

This upcoming book of essays, is close to my heart. In the United States the most obvious example of genocide, initiated by 'gendercide' of women, occurred in the federally established Indian Health Services (IHS) system. I was born in an IHS hospital in 1972, only two years after the forced sterilization of indigenous American women began. This forced sterilization, the ominous history of medically facilitated population gendercide in these medical facilities, began just a few years before I was born in the IHS hospital in Phoenix, Arizona.

Nonetheless, I think there may be more than meets the eye. Genocide is ubiquitous in modern civilization. It happens every day in the United States. And it is invisible for a reason. Fear of the invisible has been perpetuated, by imaged based modernity intentionally to amplify fear of things we cannot see. This fear subverts people from acting against systems of population engineering, these unseen forces of genocide nested in day-to-day life.

I was born in the IHS hospital on Indian School Road in Phoenix. I was given the standard vaccinations (Hep B+). I presume standard protocol was followed before, during, after my birth. Suffice to say, I've never been pregnant. God, I mean I know how much I've slept around. My watcher made sure of that. My mother had a miscarriage after she became pregnant, after gaving birth to me. She never became pregnant thereafter. It's hard to say whether the reproductive outcomes of her life, and my life were products of the Unted States Federal Government's initiative to sterilize indigenous women inside the medical system within which I was born.

Anyhow, at the heart of all this resides a socio-psychological manipulation of the masses. Electrical media set the stage for execution systems, predominantly artificial chemical systems designed to slowly decrease numbers of certain people in order to sustain life resources for those in power to reproduce, to continue living. Women become collateral damage, when population death is engineered. So an acceptance of the abuse of women is perpetuated, so female gendercide can be facilitated as a liaison into resource based genocide. The abuse comes in many forms.

Ideologies are subliminally perpetuated through electronic forms like 'news' and 'film'. I find the most entertaining trope designed to perpetuate the abuse of women to be the 'Madonna-Whore' trope. It's considered a psychological disease, but it is really an intentional condition played out in modern civilization to get women to compete for men. One woman plays the role of 'mommy', this 'madonna' claiming to know all about love. While the male teases her with his interest in the counter archetype of the 'whore'. This is the woman he utilizes as a trump card, a bargaining chip in the male labyrinth. He harnesses power with the whore, then parlays this power back to the 'madonna' to support a culturally positive perception of himself.

This trope is perpetuated in film so often. On the surface this seems meaningless, almost innocent. Essentially it leads to a core abuse of women, which then assists the facilitation of 'gendercide'. This gendercide of women then opens the window for targeting certain populations for 'genocide'. Accepting abuse of women helps global powers selectively engineer the death of specific populations. It establishes an acceptance of systems, that invisibly euthanize people. Then those in power eventually kill each other. Everyone loses. I wrote a poem about the 'madonna-whore' strategy titled 'Modern Nacissus'.







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Demo clips / 'My Tessitura' 2023

Song Title: 'Way Down'

Song Title: 'Wolf Song'

Song Title: 'Cavin' In'

'Rode Show' Album Clips

'Rode Show'

'Pole Position'

'Road Side'

'Gran D'illusion'

'Pleasin' / possessive'

'Pleasing / permissive'

'Write As Rain'

'Slow Roll'

'End Less'









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Hoeksema's upcoming album 'My Tessitura' (Rode Show/Vol 1)
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Moab, Utah
Oct 12 ~ Nov 9, 2019

Oct 26 / Live Music Event / 'My Tessitura' album debut
Oct 31 / Local News Cover /Tour & Documentary
Nov 2 / Music Feature Set / 'My Tessitura'
Nov 3 / Documentary Recording

Chaco Canyon, NM
Nov 28 ~ Dec 22, 2019

December / Research x Documentation / 'My Strange Attractor'
Dec 21 / Singular Butterfly book talk / Chaco Auditorium
Dec 22 / Live Solstice Concert / Chaco Amphitheater

Sedona, Arizona
TBA 2020

Pheonix, Arizona
TBA 2020

The Coast
TBA 2020

Portland, Oregon
TBA 2020

Seattle, Washington
TBA 2020





Sun Valley, Idaho/ Sept ~ Oct 2017

Aug 15/ public talk 'Singular Butterfly'
Sep 25 / news interview 'Rode Show'
Sept 28 / live music 'Rode Show'

Oct 12 / reading 'Flash Light'

Park City, Utah/ Oct 2017 x Jan 2018

Jan 23 / live radio music set / 'Rode Show' album
Jan 24 / reading + launch of 'Flash Light'

Oct 18/ radio / interview 'Rode Show'
Oct 19/ talk 'Singular Butterfly'

Oct 21 / reading + signing

Moab, Utah/ Oct ~ Nov 2017

Nov 2 / newspaper interview 'Rode Show'
Nov 3 / story readings 'Flash Light'
Nov 4 / live music 'Rode Show'

Aspen, Colorado/ Oct 28 ~ Nov 4/ Dec 24 ~ Jan 5 (2017)

Oct 28 / public talk / 'Singular Butterfly'
Dec 26 / live music set 'Rode Show'

Jan 4/ book reading/signing

Telluride, Colorado/ Jan x July 2017

Jan 9/ news interview
Jan 11 / live radio music
Jan 13 / music 'Rode Show'
Jan 14 / live music 'Rode Show'
Jan 18 / 'Singular Butterfly' reading

Taos, New Mexico/ Dec 2017

Dec 20/ live radio play + interview 'Rode Show'
Dec 21/ public readings 'Singular Butterfly'

Santa Fe, New Mexico/ March 2018

March 9 / Newspaper interview 'Rode Show'
March 11 / 'Singular Butterfly' readings
March 15 / Live radio set 'Rode Show'
March 18 / 'Flash Light' readings

Nashville, Tennessee/ Sept ~ Nov 2018

Oct 24 / Hunter Moon / Album Launch Event / 'Rode Show'
Sept 20 / Leipers Fork Album Micro Set ' Rode Show '
Sept 25 / Franklin Album Micro Set ' Rode Show '

Sept 27 / Leipers Fork Album Live Micro Set
Oct 2 / Franklin Live Set ' Rode Show '
Oct 4 / Leipers Fork Live Micro Set
Oct 9 / Franklin Live Music Set
Oct 11 / Leipers Live Music
Oct 18 / Radio Interview
Oct 19/Radio Interview
Oct 18 / Leipers Fork
Oct 23/ Franklin TN

Santa Fe, New Mexico/ Dec 2018 x Jan 2019

Jan 21 / Wolf Moon / Live Music Tour Launch / Rode Show
Jan 16 / Santa Fe Local Newspaper/ Album Review
Jan 27 / Taos Magazine Interview/ Editorial
Feb 1 / Taos Local Radio/ Live Interview

Feb 2 / Santa Fe / Book Reading / 'Flash Light'
Feb 2 / Taos / Gallery Music / 'Rode Show'
Feb 3 / Taos / Book Event /'Flash Light'
Dec 21/ Santa Fe wine bar/ micro set
Dec 22/ wine bar play/ micro set
Dec 23 / wine bar micro set
Dec 23/ lounge micro set

Moab, Utah / Feb 2019

Feb 19 / Arches National Park /Pre Prod
Feb 18 / Moab / News Interviews
Feb 22 / Loc Radio Interview
Feb 23 / Live Music Event
Feb 24 /Book Signing

Western Slope, Colorado / March 2019

March 21 / Worm Moon Live Music / 'Rode Show'
March 1 / Montrose / Book Storytelling Event
March 4 / Montrose / Live Music x Yoga
March 14 / Crested Butte / Live Music
March 14/ Crested Butte/ Published

Front Range, Colorado / March ~ Apr 2019

March 28 / Boulder / Book Reading and Signing
March 30 /Boulder /Music x Album Signing
March 29 / Boulder / Feature Interview

New York, New York / July 2019

July 25 / Manhattan night jam 'Slow Roll'









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Heather A. Hoeksema is an author of experience; an architect of authentic fabrication. Her first passion is her singing. With a background in the human sciences and extensive work in the cultural arts, she has developed a conceptual foundation for shaping fabricated experience. Her desire is to shape storytelling fabrications which stimulate authenticity, as a tonic for the artifice. Singing gives her the voice to initiate this movement more so than any other expression. Her transparency opens up a window through which the audience can travel to places unknown. Her personal and satirical lyrics, simultaneously emotional and actively potent are driven by intellectual interest in cultural intervention into deceptive modern fabrication. With her resonant fabric she reaches toward poetry, shaping a habitable sensory surround within which people can take a journey... together.