'Slow Roll'
(lyrics + sample clip)

by Heather Hoeksema




I was walkin' down the row

With my head hangin' low

And my feet just couldn't go

Any further . . .


Come over here your such a sight

Saw ya from behind promise not to bite

Too tired ta beg, put up a fight

I'll hold my ground if it takes all night . . .

. . . Oh Yah


I was talkin' kinda slow

As my lips began ta blow

All the words, I could bestow

In your direction . . .


' I'm a good daddy's girl ' sounds so trite

What's come over me can't be right

Tell me your name, ya got me high as a kite

Touch me once so we can take flight . . .

. . . Oh Yah


I was rockin' the show

When a funny feelin' came from below

Full surround, I felt your glow

All around me . . .


( ... guitar instrumental)


Rock me baby 'til the full moon light

Got a drink in my left, smoke on my right

Saw ya just once ya shined so bright

Now close your eyes, let me hold on tight . . .

. . . Oh Yah


I was walkin' down the row

Heavy heart beat step two ta tow

And as my feet began to bow

Ya said 'Baby, roll slow. . . .

. . . Slow that roll