'Way Down'
(lyrics + demo clip)

by Heather Hoeksema




It’s a long way down.
Elevated high
I feel you fly.
If I had a wish
I’d close your eye.
Long drawn sigh,
I gave it a try.
Abandoned will,
Let’s cut the tie.
Thought you were my guy
I don’t know why,
It hurts too much,
Let’s say goodbye.

It’s a long way down.
It ain’t so bad down here.
Homelessness up there
Must get lonely.
My best friend is fear,
I can come up there anytime
You’re the only.
Intention is clear,
A landing something
Soft like a memory.

Move around the prolonged way down.

Take the song way down.
Here to be found
Always sound,
Let’s throw in the towel,
Let it touch the ground.
Long warm sigh
We gave it a try.
Hurt me once,
I refuse to cry.
Hurt me twice,
A black white lie.
Hurt me thrice,
The blood runs dry.

I think I found the strong way down.
Is it the wrong way down?

Can you find the strong way down?
I fell for me,
Did you fall for you?
I saw a man,
He was dressed in blue.
I fell for me,
The love was true.
It felt so high,
Did ya feel it too?
Or was it only me
And never you?
I can cut the strings
That I once drew.

Well I’m never comin’ down.
It’s a too long way down.

It’s a long way down.
If I were there
I’d hold you high.
Watch ya smile
As you touch the sky.
But it’s clear to me
That I defy destiny,
I’ve never been shy.
If there’s on truth
I will deny,
I needed a reply.
There are many ways
To touch the ground.
Free of time,
Is the one I’ve found.
Omni phone
I’m on the roam.
Wave the white flag,
I am home.

Way down.