Singular Architecture is architecture aligned with Nature. Nature is holistic, and holistic environments are fabricated places within which we tell a story. Singular Architecture is an instrumental labyrinth of pathways and intersections. Walking through the labyrinth, the story told is one of resonating harmonic connection. When we breathe life into our architecture, our architecture will breathe life into us.

As intervention into artificial environments, it shapes places as medicinal tonics for culture. SA tectonics architecturally engage a continuum of energetic translation between people and place, from the microcosm within our bodies to the macroscope of spiritual space, shifting toward increasing potential energy.

--- Heather Hoeksema, Architect



















Alex, in the Winter, had children who died in a brutal car accident because because of the things that he did. He and his wife grieved until they both killed themselves, one after the other... her first..




































































































































'Singular Butterfly: Verse 3/3'

Singular Butterfly Heather Hoeksema 

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'Flash Light: 9 Girls' Stories for Grown Ups'

Flash Light Heather Hoeksema

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'Rode Show'


The Rodeshow

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... process clips, the rough cuts

The RodeshowPole PositionPleasin'
B4 Song
Road SideEnd Less
blue shades
gran d'illusionpleasing


'Pole Position'
'Pleasin/ possessive'
'B4 Song'
'Road Side'
'End Less'
'Blue Shades'
'Pleasing/ permissive'
'Gran D'illusion'



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Singular Architecture Series

'SINGULAR REVOLUTION: PART 1' Four Verse Set is the first 4 Verses of Singular Architecture, Verses 3/3, 2/2, 1/1, 4/4. The publication of the Verses is sequenced in alignment with a walk through the classical Labyrinth, one path in and one path out... an inhale and exhale. The labyrinth is a dimensional archetype of healing architecture.

This set of 4 books is only available via pre-purchase, before the final printing of all 4 verses. All 4 verses are scheduled for completion by New Years 2018.

All pre-purchases result in 9% contribution to human health and environmental health at international adoption centers. Purchaser can specify delivery preference upon pre-purchasing the set.

You can request to have each book delivered upon completion, or all 4 at once around the holidays. 'Singular Butterfly: Verse 3/3' is available for immediate delivery upon request.





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Verses 2/2, 1/1, 4/4 @ $64

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The following Verses are in production, 80% complete. Please offer you support to continue the efforts of Singular Architecture, improving the health of the environments around us and within us. Pre-purchase printed copies of the following Verses:



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