Singular Architecture is architecture aligned with Nature. Nature is holistic, and holistic environments are fabricated places within which we tell a story. Singular Architecture is an instrumental labyrinth of pathways and intersections. Walking through the labyrinth, the story told is one of resonating harmonic connection. When we breathe life into our architecture, our architecture will breathe life into us.

As intervention into artificial environments, it shapes places as medicinal tonics for culture. SA tectonics architecturally engage a continuum of energetic translation between people and place, from the microcosm within our bodies to the macroscope of spiritual space, shifting toward increasing potential energy.

--- Heather Hoeksema, Architect









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State Licensure/ California, et al
Certifications/ LEED AP
Academy/ MArch II, SCIArc Inst of Arch
MArch studies, Harvard GSD, UVA Grad Arch
BScience Arch, U of MI Arch + Urban Plng
Loyola University/ Pre Med program
Teaching/ USC, Chicago Art Inst, UVA, SCIArc
Culture/ Singing in Carnegie Hall '88
Community/ Yoga Instructor Assist L100 '09
Women in Film Member '12



Professional Story

Ms. Hoeksema is an architect of sound, light, and movement experience. She is a musician, author, and professional architect. With a background in the human sciences and extensive experience in the cultural arts, she has developed a conceptual foundation for shaping environmental experience. This foundation intuitively and intentionally integrates healthy living and healing environments with architecture through a physiological understanding of fabricated place. She is a licensed Professional Architect and has exhibited and produced work internationally.

She expanded her focus from the study of health at the human scale to the scale of the fabricated environment after receiving a scholarship to the University of Michigan School of Architecture + Urban Planning. Also having become an experimental artist and exhibitor of painting, textiles, and photographic media; she began to integrate her work in the arts with her scientific background.

During her younger years, she was an advanced student of calculus and chemistry. In 1993 she drafted a well researched essay on the effects of maternity ward environments on the birth experience, in contrast to home birth. In 1995, she was extricated from a team of 3 in her structures class, for directing the group analysis on the failure of the Tacoma Narrows bridge toward a humanist perspective about misdirection of 'civilized progress' and resulting consequences of industrial technology. These experiences, and many others, led to her innovative approach for shaping architecture as living environments; from the perspective of both science and philosophy.

The breadth of Ms. Hoeksema's experience includes roles on globally significant architectural developments such as the Music and Dance Theatre in Chicago's Millennium Park, with a specialty focus on the auditorium. She has worked with the likes of historically renowned architects including Eric Lloyd Wright as well as internationally significant firms. Through her private practice she has been commissioned nationally for articulating both interior cultural spaces and homes.

She has taught at a number of higher learning institutions including the School of the Art Institute of Chicago; in addition to modest public speaking and volunteer work with organizations like Rush University Medical Center and Free Arts for abused children. She chose to leave Harvard Graduate School of Design, after one semester of discovering its inherent contraditions between ethics and teaching. She is founder of the in progress entity Institute of Environmental Intellect which is poised to offer an authentic approach to education in addition to guidance for environmentally based research projects.

Her multi-disciplinary architecture lab, HHEAL, has been active for well over a decade. She has been involved in the practice and academia of Architecture, integrating healing and environments as Singular Architecture, for over 20 years. She had recently established Singular Architecture, a publishing entity of which the foundation is the 'Singular Architecture' book series. Singular Architecture is the foundation for HHEAL LLC productions.

She has completed the first book of the series 'Singular Butterfly: Verse 3/3' and distributed it in book stores nationally. She has also recently completed and published 'Flash Light: 9 Girls' Stories for Grown Ups' which is currently being distributed nationally as well. Her current production is a music album of her original singer/songwriter compositions titled 'Rode Show', which is also the title of her current tour of authored works.


Personal Story

Ms. Hoeksema was born in Phoenix in a Native American hospital. Her delivering physician was Dr. Childs. With her birth came a heart murmur. Yet she was blessed with Navajo caregivers, syncing her rhythms into place. She almost drowned in a pool during this first year of life. Her parents then moved to the mid west, bringing artifacts from the caregivers... an Indian doll and a papoose.

Raised by an orthopedic surgeon and gallery connoisseur, she learned early on to translate between objective thinking and subjective intuition. She often found herself resonating between the two, at times lingering in suspense. She played the piano for years, her most memorable moment a concert trio of Canon in D. Soon after, she had the fascinating experience singing with a choir in Carnegie Hall.

Her grandmothers cared for her grandfathers. Her mother's mother graciously left the eighth grade to care for her dying sister. Her father's mother kept boxes of diaries. Her mother's father started his own electric company after he was shot upon storming the beaches of Normandy. Her father's father was a navy man stationed in Japan, and a doctor of organic chemistry. They worked hard for what they had, and did their best to respect people and the environment around them. They had character.

Her ongoing balancing act between science and art eventually led to her pursuit of architecture, following studies in the human sciences. She often considered being a doctor, and chose a different path after sensing the inherent contradictions between technological medicine and well being. Later in time, this sentiment guided her interest in shaping healing environments.

Living in many regions of the states, she often found herself observing more than producing for fear of being wasteful. Working, thinking, teaching... and writing, she montaged together experiences that led her to where all lost Souls eventually land. This land was the maze of Los Angeles. Ever since this landing she has been fabricating a labyrinth.

She had two dogs as she navigated across the country. The first one Tess, bit her mom on the head. The second, Dozer, chewed up her Indian doll. Her childhood dog Brandy had been her best friend. She thinks patriarchal religion, unbridled, will mathematically lead to human extinction. Nature is God, existing in a composing continuum within and between two resonant beings.

















































































The Rodeshow


"Every good story begins with the hook, that
lingering moment sound embodies our
singular architecture entirely."

NOTE: All listings of Heather Hoeksema's music are illegally posted. Any purchasing of Ms. Hoeksema's music from Amazon, in any country, is an illegal transaction. If you have purchased such from them, contact them immediately and inform them they are required to give you a full refund. They should be ashamed of themselves for cyber-bullying small business owners. SA is taking a poll. Does Jeff B. look like and anorexic cock-eyed version of Dr. Evil's mini me?




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Album Master Production / Nashville TN

The following Tracks are prduced. While traveling around Nashville, I recorded my Rode Show Prelude masters in my Airstream. This project has been a labor of love for me. My musical career was only a brief ten years when I was younger, singing with a choir in Carnegie Hall, the highlight. Since, my vocal and guitar acoustics have taken on new meaning. 'Rode Show' is launching in October, with a concert in Nashville to start. The complete album will only be availble LIVE and in hard copy. Album content is best suited for adult listening. Future recordings will be in analogue vinyl. Can ya dig it?

/ Album sound production by HHEAL ® /


Santa Fe / Tour Launch Event / Jan 21, 2019

'Rode Show' Preparty x Concert / $20

'Rode Show' Preparty x Concert x Album / $30
(Eventbrite tickets also available)

Preliminary Master Production Clips


'Rode Show'

'Pole Position'

'Road Side'

'Gran D'illusion'

'Pleasin' / possessive'

'Pleasing / permissive'

'Write As Rain'

'Slow Roll'

'End Less'



'Rode Show' Album

/ Poster Insert + Lyrics /
/ Hard Case CD /
/ 9 Tracks /











____________________TOUR EVENTS____________________

(Scheduling In Progress)

Nashville, Tennessee
Aug 15 ~ Oct 25, 2018

Oct 24, 2018 / Hunter Moon 'Rode Show' Album Launch Concert

/ Preparty @ 7 hors d'eourves + signing / concert 8 ~ 9 / The Factory, Franklin /
$30 tickets = preparty, concert, album
$20 tickets = preparty & concert

Sept 20 / Leipers Fork Album Micro Set ' Rode Show '
Sept 25 / Franklin Album Micro Set ' Rode Show '

Sept 27 / Leipers Fork Album Live Micro Set
Oct 2 / Franklin Live Set ' Rode Show '
Oct 4 / Leipers Fork Live Micro Set
Oct 9 / Franklin Live Music Set
Oct 11 / Leipers Live Music
Oct 18 / Radio Interview
Oct 19/Radio Interview
Oct 18 / Leipers Fork
Oct 23/ Franklin TN

Santa Fe, New Mexico
Dec 25 ~ Jan 22, 2019

Jan 21, 2019 / Wolf Moon Live Music Concert 'Rode Show'


New York, New York
Feb 1 ~ Feb 24, 2019

Feb 21, 2019 / Snow Moon Live Music Concert / 'Rode Show'
July 25 / Manhattan night jam 'Slow Roll' (past event)


Telluride, Colorado
March 5 ~ March 22, 2019

March 19, 2019 / Worm Moon Live Music Concert 'Rode Show'


Vail, Colorado
April 2 ~ April 24, 2019

April 21, 2019 / Pink Moon Live Music Concert 'Rode Show'


Park City, Utah
May 2 ~ May 21, 2018

May 18, 2019 / Flower Moon Live Music Concert 'Rode Show'


Toronto, Canada
June 5 ~ June 11, 2018

(Scheduling in Progress)


Sun Valley, Idaho
Jun 12 ~ July 18, 2018

June 17, 2019 / Strawberry Moon Live Music Concert 'Rode Show'


Kauai, Hawaii
Jan 8 ~ Feb 2, 2019

July 16, 2019 / Wolf Moon Live Music Concert 'Rode Show'







'A Prelude / Past Events


Sun Valley, Idaho/ Sept 28 ~ Oct 13 (2017)

Aug 15/ public talk 'Singular Butterfly'
Sep 25 / news interview 'Rode Show'
Sept 28 / live music 'Rode Show'

Oct 12 / reading 'Flash Light'

Park City, Utah/ Oct 14 ~ Oct 23/ Jan 23 ~ Feb 11 (2017)

Jan 23 / live radio music set / 'Rode Show' album
Jan 24 / reading + launch of 'Flash Light'

Oct 18/ radio / interview 'Rode Show'
Oct 19/ talk 'Singular Butterfly'

Oct 21 / reading + signing

Moab, Utah/ Oct 29 ~ Nov 4 (2017)

Nov 2 / newspaper interview 'Rode Show'
Nov 3 / story readings 'Flash Light'
Nov 4 / live music 'Rode Show'

Aspen, Colorado/ Oct 28 ~ Nov 4/ Dec 24 ~ Jan 5 (2017)

Oct 28/ public talk/ 'Singular Butterfly'
Dec 26 / live music set 'Rode Show'

Jan 4/ book reading/signing

Telluride, Colorado/ Jan 15 ~ Jan 22/ July 3 ~ July 8 (2017)

Jan 9/ news interview
Jan 11 / live radio music
Jan 13 / music 'Rode Show'
Jan 14 / live music 'Rode Show'
Jan 18 / 'Singular Butterfly' reading


Taos, New Mexico/ Dec 18 ~ 22 (2017)

Dec 20/ live radio play + interview 'Rode Show'
Dec 21/ public readings 'Singular Butterfly'


Santa Fe, New Mexico/ March 9 ~ 18 (2018)

March 9 / Newspaper interview 'Rode Show'
March 11 / 'Singular Butterfly' readings
March 15 / Live radio set 'Rode Show'
March 18 / 'Flash Light' readings










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'Singular Butterfly: Verse 3/3'
Paper Book

'Singular Butterfly: Verse 3/3' book is printed. It is available at writing galleries/book stores in the following areas:

Singular Butterfly 

(click to view page samples)

Los Angeles CA
Sun Valley ID
Park City UT
Glenwood Springs CO
Aspen CO
Telluride CO
Pagosa Springs CO
Taos NM
Santa Fe NM
Austin TX
New Orleans LA
Nashville TN
New York NY



Purchasing Available

/ 100 pages /
/ soft cover
/ 80 lb paper /





'Flash Light: 9 Girls' Stories for Grown Ups'
Paper Book

Many of you have enjoyed my short stories, which are currently available through site subscription. 'Flash Light: 9 Girls' Stories for Grown Ups' recently launched during Sundance, is published and available at a number of book stores. Purchase it here at or a book gallery near you:


(Click to view 'Singular Archetype ~ A Prelude' clips)

Park City UT
Aspen CO
Telluride CO
Pagosa Springs CO
Taos NM
Santa Fe NM
Austin TX
New Orleans LA
Nashville TN


Purchasing available @ $32

/ 250 pages /
/ soft cover
/ 80 lb paper /





Available for pre-purchase, the audio book for 'Flash Light: 9 Girls' Stories for Grown Ups' will be available for delivery in 4 weeks.



Pre-Purchasing available @ $20

/ 9 Original Stories /
/ Author Vocals
/ CD Format /







Upcoming Book


"When stripped of all defenses, when humility doesn't even
begin to describe your existence, it becomes completely
clear how almost everything everyone has ever said
was unjust noise."

Entraining Entertaining

I am currently working on preliminary research for a book, and
interested in response. If you are interested, please visit
the link to view preliminary clips and contact
me via email with your thoughts.

Increase in rape following 'Heathers' film launch

/The Crime Scene/
/Private Invasion/
/Dark Room Trinity/
/Imaginary Imagination Imagery Image/
/Poor Walter B./
/The Entertainment Train/
/Death of the Copycat/
/The Reset Button/
/Philosophy Knew Religion/

















Heather A. Hoeksema is an author of experience. With a background in the human sciences and extensive production in the cultural arts, she has developed a conceptual foundation for shaping architectural environments across measurements of time and place. This foundation integrates environments around and within the human body, at all scales of sustainable growth. She intuitively and intentionally integrates physiological health through an understanding of fabrication. Beginning with the journal based story, she cross connects ideologies of natural healing in multiple audio/visual mediums essentially grounded in the sensation of vibrating touch. Linguistics, music, and moving picture/sound are her current focus. As a professional architect she has produced and exhibited architecture internationally for well over two decades, and is currently focusing on composing temporal experience as a precursor process to the fabrication of human environments.








black shepblack shep
black shep
dirty heathen


In writing my short stories
which eventually became
'Flash Light' certain analysis
became clear. I was producing
my album Rode Show during the
same time period. I was playing
the music live, as I completed
editing and publishing for the
book. Then interviews began.

As I talked about the work,
presented both music and writing
which often began as a stream
of consciousness kind of free
verse, I learned of obvious
cross connections between
my 9 stories X 9 songs.
So I researched possible
reasons for how and why this
could be.

Nothing is purely objective,
yet I came across some work
by Carl Jung, specifically his
his Situational Archetypes
writing. I suggest the reading
for those of you interested in
the cross connection of science
and art, yet recognizing the
importance of withholding from
the practice of architecture.

My life is that of the nomad,
at this time. My sense is that
architecture will not change
until the human perspective on
civilization becomes a healthy
one. In my research, I learned
that nomadic living is actually
safer for a woman in the modern

Jung's archetypes are interesting,
a point of departure for thought.
I think the most interesting aspect
is the situational archetypes are
about the relationship between people
and place, which is the resonant
thread stitching my work together...
ideologically, proving that territorial
protection and territorial ownership...
are actually opposites.











Singular Architecture publishes works from authors across multiple genres. I've recently decided to hand of the authoring of my book concept, titled 'Culture of Rape: Entertaining Entraining' to another author who contacted me a couple of weeks ago. She had personal experience that affords her insight into the subject matter at hand. She said I was welcome to publish her recent reponse to me. She ghost authors under the name:

Author: Sandy Hook

In the wake of current events, I’ve been unable to finish the first chapter of my book ‘Culture of Rape: Entertaining Entraining’. The first chapter is titled ‘The Crime Scene’. It's about a personal experience. I really don’t care what happens politically. I don’t have children, thankfully. I just see things from a philosophical, a scientific perspective. I observe. I write, with no intentional outcomes. The first chapter of the book is about a rape experience I had, which was also attempted murder. It happened about 24 years ago, and for the past few years I’ve had flashbacks and nightmares about it, which have led to certain realizations. Delayed trauma is common in these kinds of circumstances. The morning after I was raped, by a friend of my brother, the rapist told me he had AIDS. When he told me that supposed fact, another one of my brother’s friends who is now an attorney, laughed. It’s not easy to share this experience, but it’s been more painful living it for 24 years.

I realized in the past few years that the rapist was making a joke, as he told me he raped me while informing me he knew he was giving me a death sentence. He was not only literally trying to scare me to death by telling me he had AIDS, he was also telling me that his friends had been his Aids. They drove the car, they bought the drinks. These were my brother’s friends, so I entered into the situation with a certain trust. I didn't realize they felt permission to try to kill me. But the rapist told me so. And when I told my brother he yelled at me for ‘Hanging out with his friends’. What's the damage in the case of triple trauma? It was a double entendre, a joke you see. I guess the joke was on me. Maybe when the guy was waiting for me to pass out on the beach, so he could penetrate, he thought he was the President with his Presidential Aids. Luckily, I didn’t develop AIDS, but I have lived life as a slow death anyways. That’s what being raped is. It’s an introduction to life as a slow, drawn out death procured by men who crave death. I still feel uncomfortable walking on the beach. I’m so relieved I don’t have a daughter to worry about in this country.

In the war against women, more women die from being killed by intimate partners than men die in organized war. Women have absorbed the collateral damage of a diseased civilization for thousands of years now, one that protects the weakest of the male species. The most diseased men have to drug, lie, and physically force themselves into women’s bodies because women instinctually know not to reproduce with them. Diseased men have to pay prostitutes. They need the help of friends. They need Aids. Healthy women know which men not to allow to breed. Healthy women attempt to protect the human species, through this natural selection in breeding. This is natural science. Yet modern civilization has perverted most remnants of healthy natural selection remaining. Women who support violence against other women are Uncle Toms of unmeasurable ignorance. They suffer from Stockholm syndrome. Women who refuse to allow violence against women in any environment, do so to protect the human species. This is where science meets evolution.

For over three millennia women have absorbed the collateral damage of a diseased human civilization, globally. Many governing bodies have essentially rendered themselves not only meaningless, but a danger to the future of the human species. What governing bodies have done recently is intentionally create civil unrest, after the previous eight years of placing the population into an infrastructure without privacy. This has been an attempt at control. But it doesn’t work this way, it folds in on itself. The thing is, when nothing is private, nothing anyone says has meaning. The ubiquitous communications infrastructure established has undermined any meaning the Constitution may have ever had. Although, it never included me because I’m a female. I do believe women are tired of being embodied collateral damage.

But that doesn’t matter to me, because the Constitution never described myself, a female, as an actual human civilian. The government has proven what the Constitution already explicitly clarifies, that women are not subject to protection by law. Certain governing bodies have proven, even in just questioning the current circumstances, that the law does not protect women and little girls. It has kind of proven that its end goal is to continue mutating the human germ line until genetic disease ends the human species. Women have now been placed in the position to do whatever they have to in order to protect themselves and little girls, and protect the more healthy male members of the human species. They haven’t chosen this position, they have been forced into it. Overly certain governing members globally, have created this situation all on their own.

Men who invade and desecrate the female body and mind, or even simply display the psychology of the desire to do so, are inherently self loathing. They want to destroy the womb, the sacred environment for procreating the human species. Men who fail to protect the environment, that of the environment of the female body and that of the earth, are self hating by simple logic. And self detest is the core condition of narcissistic, sociopathic, and psychopathic behavior. Men who support the terrorism of the female, instead of the protection of the female, by simple scientific logic, are diseased. In fact, diseased men even produce ill progeny, on multiple levels.

The architecture of the womb has a physiology. It sustains an intelligence about reproduction. This is how it works. A female fetus has 2 ‘X’ chromosomes. A male has an ‘X’ and ‘Y’. A female fetus comes to term with less difficulty because when the physiology of the growing child in the womb senses danger in the immediate or expanded earth environment, it has an alternate use of the second ‘X’ chromosome within the metabolic actioning of the DNA molecules of the cellular fields. The male fetus on the other hand, has no backup chromosome. The ‘X’ and ‘Y’ are different. So when the male fetus senses danger in the environment, it will simply spontaneously abort. This is why more females were born in New York post 9/11. This is why environmental health, ultimately protection of the womb, is the most important part of human life. It’s about balance. Generating a culture of rape actually ruins the environment for boys, just as much as it does for little girls. Diseased men generate a culture of rape out of self disgust. Women who accommodate these men do so because they are afflicted with self enslavement. They are addicted to their own enslavement. They have no understanding of science nor humanity.

Furthermore, technologies in place have distorted evolutionary patterns even more so. The medical system has extended life spans, almost multiplying age expectancy by 3. This is problem when people reproduce at later ages. The myth is that it is dangerous for women to do so, yet the truth is men reproducing past the age of 45 begin to create even more problems within the human germ line and consequently grown human populations. While women breeding at later ages often produce offspring with downs syndrome, older aged male sperm produces autism and a number of mental diseases related to violent behavior. Essentially, higher paternal age produces disconnected offspring and progeny with propensity for violence, again enforcing the trail of narcissism, sociopathy, and psychopathy. This is a result of the architecture of the older male sperm, elements relating to telomere length, et al. Again, may I remind you, I have no stake in outcomes of events because I have no children. I simply observe what’s happening from a philosophical and scientific perspective.

Rape is not only about initiating death to one person, it’s about initiating death of the human species. Men who have the psychological drive to invade a woman or girl, have the diseased desire to destroy the womb. They are the most desperate and undesirable of the male species. They are the unwanted. This is natural selection, and this inherent process has been distorted exponentially most recently in this country. The diseased man who doesn’t protect the woman and girl has a perverted desire to end the human species, as others only exists as a reflection of himself. He unconsciously knows he is a living breathing disease. Since everyone around him reflects him, he tries to destroy human life. Treating the symptoms of the disease, can unfortunately generate more disease. Ultimately, any cancerous disease, has to be extracted.