Singular Architecture publishes authentic stories. Integrating natural science and articulation, we shape a storytelling fabric in which people draw experience... medicinal tonics for civilization.

                 --- Heather A. Hoeksema, Author x Architect


We offer electronic and postal purchasing. Subscriptions to ES/SAY, our online portal, is only offered through this site (click on link). SA Publications are also represented by local venues, internationally.

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Heather Hoeksema



Press by local news is the most authentic way to stimulate interest in our Authors. HHEAL has national relationships with local news outlets. We our respected for our ability to tell a true story.

Heather Hoeksema

Boulder Daily Mag / Feature

Heather Hoeksema

Montrose Press / Feature

Heather Hoeksema

Moab Sun News / Interview

Heather Hoeksema

Moab Independent / Interview

Heather Hoeksema

Taos Tempo / Feature

Heather Hoeksema

SF Pasatiempo / Article


"Hoeksema's 'Rode Show' is a refreshing reminder of the avant garde singer/songwriter music artists brought to the forefront in the 1960's and 70's with a never before heard Indie twist. Potent yet intellectually poetic, each composition inspires with a presence while coming from a similar feminine strength that moved me decades ago. It's timeless. / Shelton R. / Acoustician x Studio Specialist

"Singular Architecture author/creator Heather Hoeksema weaves a compelling story connecting environmental health and human health in a unique manner. Free verse mixes into her analytical writing in inviting and useful ways. Heather is very supportive of local cultures because of their direct human contacts with the realities at hand." / Richard P. / Publisher & Journalist












Heather Hoeksema

                In other words...
                    ... we publish authenticity

_____________________SA Concept____________________

SA publishes essays, in multiple mediums. Encompassing books, music, and cinema SA engages the philosophy of the 'essayist'. An 'ESSAY' can be many things. It expresses the Author's perspective.

Singular is the resonance, between one and two. One only exists when perceived by another. We find the Author counterpart, bringing a work to life.

SA a limited edition publisher. We only sell Author signed publications. Visit our rolling subscription to ciritical essays, short stories, and more titled ES/SAY.

Heather Hoeksema Singular Butterfly

_________________Feature Publications________________

Heather Hoeksema Singular Butterfly


__________________________SA / HHEAL __________________________

SA Publishing works with HHEAL Productions to produce tours, books, music integrated with authentic publicity. We launch each Author's work, implementing a highly integrated public relations tour including interviews, reviews, award submittals, et al.

_________RODE SHOW TRACKS_________

'Rode Show'

'Pole Position'

'Road Side'

'Gran D'illusion'

'Pleasin' / possessive'

'Pleasing / permissive'

'Write As Rain'

'Slow Roll'

'End Less'

______________Rode Show / Past Events_____________

Tours are choreographed and curated by HHeal Lab
to find effective parallels between local culturesand our
authors. We provide the means to records tour events
and proliferate related public relations.

Sun Valley, Idaho/ Sept ~ Oct 2017

Aug 15/ public talk 'Singular Butterfly'
Sep 25 / news interview 'Rode Show'
Sept 28 / live music 'Rode Show'
Oct 12 / reading 'Flash Light'

Park City, Utah/ Oct 2017 ~ Jan 2018

Jan 23 / live radio music set / 'Rode Show' album
Jan 24 / reading + launch of 'Flash Light'
Oct 18/ radio / interview 'Rode Show'
Oct 19/ talk 'Singular Butterfly'
Oct 21 / reading + signing

Moab, Utah/ Oct ~ Nov 2017

Nov 2 / newspaper interview 'Rode Show'
Nov 3 / story readings 'Flash Light'
Nov 4 / live music 'Rode Show'

Aspen, Colorado/ Oct ~ Dec 2017 / Jan 2018

Oct 28 / public talk / 'Singular Butterfly'
Dec 26 / live music set 'Rode Show'
Jan 4/ book reading/signing

Telluride, Colorado/ Jan ~ July 2017

Jan 9/ news interview
Jan 11 / live radio music
Jan 13 / music 'Rode Show'
Jan 14 / live music 'Rode Show'
Jan 18 / 'Singular Butterfly' reading

Taos, New Mexico/ Dec 2017

Dec 20/ live radio play + interview 'Rode Show'
Dec 21/ public readings 'Singular Butterfly'

Santa Fe, New Mexico/ March 2018

March 9 / Newspaper interview 'Rode Show'
March 11 / 'Singular Butterfly' readings
March 15 / Live radio set 'Rode Show'
March 18 / 'Flash Light' readings

Nashville, Tennessee/ Sept ~ Nov 2018

Oct 24 / Hunter Moon / Album Launch Event / 'Rode Show'
Sept 20 / Leipers Fork Album Micro Set ' Rode Show '
Sept 25 / Franklin Album Micro Set ' Rode Show '
Sept 27 / Leipers Fork Album Live Micro Set
Oct 2 / Franklin Live Set ' Rode Show '
Oct 4 / Leipers Fork Live Micro Set>
Oct 9 / Franklin Live Music Set
Oct 11 / Leipers Live Music
Oct 18 / Radio Interview
Oct 19/Radio Interview
Oct 18 / Leipers Fork
Oct 23/ Franklin TN

Santa Fe, New Mexico/ Dec 2018 ~ Jan 2019

Jan 21 / Wolf Moon / Live Music Tour Launch / Rode Show
Jan 16 / Santa Fe Local Newspaper/ Album Review
Jan 27 / Taos Magazine Interview/ Editorial
Feb 1 / Taos Local Radio/ Live Interview

Feb 2 / Santa Fe / Book Reading / 'Flash Light'
Feb 2 / Taos / Gallery Music / 'Rode Show'
Feb 3 / Taos / Book Event /'Flash Light'
Dec 21/ Santa Fe wine bar/ micro set
Dec 22/ wine bar play/ micro set
Dec 23 / wine bar micro set
Dec 23/ lounge micro set

Moab, Utah / Feb 2019

Feb 19 / Arches National Park /Pre Prod
Feb 18 / Moab / News Interviews
Feb 22 / Loc Radio Interview
Feb 23 / Live Music Event
Feb 24 /Book Signing

Western Slope, Colorado / March 2019

March 21 / Worm Moon Live Music / 'Rode Show'
March 1 / Montrose / Book Storytelling Event
March 4 / Montrose / Live Music x Yoga
March 14 / Crested Butte / Live Music
March 14/ Crested Butte/ Published

Front Range, Colorado / March ~ Apr 2019

March 28 / Boulder / Book Reading and Signing
March 30 /Boulder /Music x Album Signing
March 29 / Boulder / Feature Interview

New York, New York / July 2019

July 25 / Manhattan night jam 'Slow Roll'

Moab, Utah / Oct ~ Nov 2019

Oct 26 / Live Music Event / 'My Tessitura' album debut
Oct 31 / Local News Cover /Tour & Documentary
Nov 2 / Music Feature Set / 'My Tessitura'
Nov 3 / Documentary Recording

Chaco Canyon, NM / Dec 2019

December / Research x Documentation / 'My Strange Attractor'
Dec 21 / Singular Butterfly book talk / Chaco Auditorium
Dec 22 / Live Solstice Concert / Chaco Amphitheater