Singular Architecture publishes authentic stories, in many mediums of conveyance. Integrating natural science and articulation, SA Publications shape a storytelling fabric within which people experience a personal story. As intervention into artificial environments, SA shapes places as medicinal tonics for modern civilization.

--- Heather Hoeksema, Author x Architect





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'Singular Butterfly: Verse 3/3'

Singular Butterfly is Hoeksema's first publication. Singular Butterfly is also the first book of the series Singular Architecture, a book and talk series celebrating the intersections between human health and natural environments.

The book is written to stimulate the cross-connection that happens between our left and right brains and bodies. This intersecting down the architecture of our spinal column is also the intersection of our logic and intuition.

A free verse narrative is threaded through the analytical writing about natural science. The architecture of the human body is trascendentally threaded into the environment. The opposite is also true. The method of writing represents the meaning of the work's content.

Singular Butterfly: Verse 3/3 is included in Los Angeles County Museum of Art's library collection, in the Balch Art Research Library and Archives.





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LITTLE MAPMAKER / Short Story / Published in ' Flash Light '

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SINGULAR ARCHETYPE / Preface / Published in ' Flash Light '

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SINGULAR STORY / Critique / In upcoming book ' Sound Voice '
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DEATH DISGUISED / Critique / Upcoming 'Mother's Little Killers'
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A YELLOW PILL / Critique / Upcoming ' Mother's Little Killers '
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