'Wolf Song'
(lyrics + demo clip)

by Heather Hoeksema




You reserved her, did you think you deserved her?
Make a wish and it might come true,
But you never know until you follow through.
Cross you fingers times two,
Hide ‘em behind as if she never knew
You reserved her.

You drove her to the valley ‘n put her in park,
Left her there ’til the air went dark.
Sun came up shining stark,
You were gone you really hit the mark.
You deserted her.

She walked through the trees on a side step lark,
Carved you name into the dead brick bark.
Sun came up, at the top of the arc.
She came to a clear and heard an angel hark.

She came upon a pond as the sun top part,
Saw her reflection and a tear drop start.
Touched the mirror fingertips apart,
Crossed times two then drew a heart.
You had served her.

She danced through the hills without a care,
Picked a flower and put it in her hair.
Came upon a wolf, entered his lair,
Her story she told, his soul he bare.
He had lured her.

They danced through the hills direction nowhere,
Steps carefree going anywhere.
Moon came up, air was fair,
He told her once always beware.
Still, he preserved her.

They dove into the pond deep within,
Became one in the dark uncovered sin.
Through the water moonlight shined in,
Reflecting life into her skin.
He secured her.

Clearing in sight pitch black night,
They entered the forest, followed her light.
Fresh from a kill and ready to fight,
Her demons dissolved in his bite.
He deserved her.

They made it to the valley with echo sound,
Sun came up, flowers abound.
Man and his ride nowhere around,
The wolf dug a bone from the ground.
You never deserved her. Should have never reserved her.

Roll the dice if your love is true,
But you better think twice or your end will come due.
Blow on ‘em thrice, start anew,
Only love will suffice.

Do you deserve her?