Singular Architecture is architecture aligned with Nature. Nature is holistic, and holistic environments are fabricated places within which we tell a story. Singular Architecture is an instrumental labyrinth of pathways and intersections. Walking through the labyrinth, the story told is one of resonating harmonic connection. When we breathe life into our architecture, our architecture will breathe life into us.

As intervention into artificial environments, it shapes places as medicinal tonics for culture. SA tectonics architecturally engage a continuum of energetic translation between people and place, from the microcosm within our bodies to the macroscope of spiritual space, shifting toward increasing potential energy.

--- Heather Hoeksema, Architect

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by Heather Hoeksema


As experiences of sound and light shape our environment, they meet our sense of touch and become inflective vibration. We engage with and within our surroundings, through these inflective experiences.  When inflective experiences are ‘tonic’, they heal.  As humans desire to translate experiences, to experience connection, translations transpose into inflective energy across the molecular fabric of the environment. When translations are enharmonic with vibration, the inflections are tonic. Inflection can be a healing tonic medicinal, when aligned with the harmonic frequencies of Nature. Nature's frequencies are enharmonic, full of textured vibration.  Tonic inflection is quite literally an energetic ‘tonic’, generated by physiological sensory frequencies across the fabric of the atmosphere. As sight and sound meet vibriating touch, we translate our experiences to others in the words we write and voice, music we make with rhythmic strings of sounded notes, and movement in a dance to this music... transposing across the environment in harmonic translation.

Physical senses are actually physiological; touch, sound, smell, taste, and sight reconcile into a resonating experience across the molecular fabric within and around us. As atoms vibrate in alignment with the laws of Nature, the molecular fabric of the atmosphere calibrates energetically as it translates infelction into a healing 'tonic inflection' experience.  As humans moving through the environment, we experience tonic inflection in the architectural cross connection of sound and light frequencies grounding molecularly in cross connection with 'touch'.  We resonate with vibration as light and sound meet touch.  Our energetic fields ignite, and calm, as our metabolic gestures calibrate with and within our surroundings.  As our fields align with Nature’s frequencies, sensory experience guides our way finding through inflective relationships, ideally in tones of healing... as harmonic notes of tonic inflection.  As we translate energy, our physiological energy fields communicate experience to others in a physiological way, even at the scale of the atomic and subatomic particles within our molecular composition.  We translate. We transpose. We inflect.  How we translate, beginning with our written word, affects how we radiate a healing vibe.  As our translating communications calibrate in alignment with the harmonic resonance of Nature, they can shape healing experiences, in moments of tonic inflection. 

Tonic inflection is an effect of our desire to translate our experience to others, to connect the dots within the fabric around us. As we translate in the mediums of Writing, Music, and Movement within the environment, we amplify the possibilities for experiencing tonic inflection .  We shape opportunities for healing with the composition of sound and light meeting touch, within these mediums of communication.  Translations that happen across written and sounded word, musical composition, and movement as a dance through the environment are amplified as they generate harmonic resonance, and then resolve into healing scalar pulse frequencies.  Authentic translation stimulates healing transpositions across our cultural architecture.  How can people, as architects of authentic culture, generate tonic inflection intentionally to the fabrication of environments?  In understanding our energetic environments linguistically and mathematically, an architectural coding is revealed guiding the shaping of environments as instruments, which stimulate tonic inflection.  Resulting inflective experiences then stimulate physiological energetic translations, into transpositions, shaping scalar frequencies in the spaces between people. When these scalar potentials are aligned with the natural eigen frequencies of our bodies, they are healing. Tonic inflection shapes a sense of place.  And writing, music, and movement become instruments of healing translation as communicating frequencies transpose across the energetic atmosphere.

Tonic environments generate giving and receiving.  As the coding embedded within sound and light is applied consciously to shaping human experience, fine tuned in alignment with the tonic frequencies of Nature, it shapes environmental experiences which stimulate physiological translation between people and place.  As we fabricate such experiences, we affect the shifts of molecular fabric within our selves and our surroundings.  How experiences are fabricated either heals, by making connections between people and places, or it can have the unfortunate consequence of decomposing relationships.  So we shape mediumistic environments of vibrating sound and light, in alignment with Nature.  We write our sounding mark, sound and resound musical harmony, and compose movement through environments which generate harmonic resonance across sequences of tonic inflections.  We fabricate environments within which giving and receiving happens;  in the reading and writing of strokes of light, listening and sounding of the instrumental voices of those around us, and the radiating and absorbing sensory energy across the moving fabric around us.  We fabricate Singular environments, and we generate places within which stories translate experientially.  Light and sound meet touch. The experience familiar to all living organic beings, the experience of vibration, resonates across the many verses of life on earth and beyond. 


As authors of our stories within the many verses of the multiverse, we write. We make strokes of light, signature signs shaping words into strings of vocal sounds, in the desire to inflect with others. Letters shape whether sounds are harmonic, how they are harmonic, as they are composed into resonating vibrations that shape the molecular atmosphere.  This atmosphere is one of translation, initially between two.  As light filled letters shape harmonic resonance, aligned with the frequencies of Nature, tonic inflection happens.  These frequencies heal in the vibrations they generate within and around our bodies and within all organic life.  As our harmonic vibration is challenged with the forces of gravity, we ground deeper with the natural frequencies of the telluric surface of the earth, stimulating a cascade of harmonic energy helping us lift to our light heart horizon between our heart center and vocal folds, our fourth and fifth energy spirals. 

As we find this place, this light heart horizon, harmonic resonance begins to transpose into scalar pulses, which are healing.  As the heart aligns with note F, and our sounding throat chakra aligns with note G, the place between resonates enharmonically between F sharp and G flat with a texture of vibration, when tuned with ancient tuning frequencies.  So the letters we write, these strokes of signature holographic light, generate internal notions voiced internally and externally, remembered mnemonically through association as even we read silently to ourselves.  All the while, sound and light shape translations within multiverse between humans, as they meet our sense of touch and vibrate.  Even those whose sight is compromised listen and read through the touching sensation of braille stimulating similar internal responses of vibration. Those difficult of hearing, experience letters of light in an amplified way.  Shapes of letters written read, actually affect our inner bodies as we absorb them.  This composing experience then shapes how our texture threads together with the fabric around us.


As authors of our personal stories, we make music. As strings of letters become rhythmic, we compose resonating notes of musical sound.  Letters correspond mathematically to sounds of vowels and consonants, which can shape harmonic relationships across the movement of molecules within the fabric fields of the atmosphere.  When one writes and speaks to convey basic ideas, they scientifically set the tone for physiological harmonic translations to others.  Ideally, this tone we set is ‘tonic’.  In an ideal world, humans shape ‘tonic inflection’ beginning with understanding the ways our sounded and written strokes translate into vibrations of communication within surrounding organic environment... affecting the inner molecular composition of those around us.  So strings of letters actually shape physiological experiences.  As the element of ‘rhythm’ is added to the strings, the harmonic relationships shape musical compositions.  Our heart beats in time with these rhythmic compositions.  And as these frequencies shape a lift to our light heart, the translation between our heart chakra and vocal folds, a texture of vibration begins to sing within our personal molecular composition.  A texture begins to vibrate within the molecular fabric around and within us.

Authentic cultural translation generates this texture, and this very texture then generates translation of our experience to others.  This composes the cultural architecture of communities of people.  If not for texture within the vibrating molecular fabric of Nature, calibrating fluctuating movement would cease, and slow, and eventually cease to exist.  Fluidity stimulates translation, it stimulates communication.  Texture stimulates fluidity, and texture stimulates movement across the molecular fabric of Nature, which gifts Nature’s system the ability to calibrate harmonically and generate sustainable growth.  Texture of light and sound is fabricated by enharmonic, authentic frequencies.  So as we shape the strings of letters we sound and write, we shape the strings of frequencies we generate to translate our personal experience to those around us.  As we generate frequencies of textured harmony, we translate strings of healing vibe… literally and figuratively. 

Rhythmic oscillation joins in.  Our hearts beat in alignment with our figuring eight mobius coil of circulating blood.  Prose becomes poetic verse.  The letters become vibrating sound in upper harmonic frequencies resonating.  We shift the artificial electromagnetic waves of random frequency noise to align with our inner natural healing frequencies.  We lift up to our light heart, and stimulate the translation of artificial electromagnetic waves to healing scalar pulses.  In the way we communicate, the way we translate, we shape places in the almost empty spaces between.  We seed stitch a shared molecular fabric.  In the music we make, we generate real healing vibe, as we stimulate tonic inflection… with harmony.


As we exist as authors of our own lives, we dance.  We compose light and sound, into vibrating abundance as we move with fluid grace across the many verses of our story.  Together, we shape the multiverse of all that Is.  As written letters and sounding rhythmic frequencies physiologically shape shift through the environment, light and sound ground with touch in moving vibrations.  It’s a dance of sorts.  As we dance through the environment, translating light and sound in the movements we make and the sounds we voice, we generate vibrating frequencies.  As we lift to our higher harmonic resonances, we radiate healthy textured tapestries of healing vibe.  So as authors of our own story, from the words of light and sound, to sounding rhythmic voice, to our fluid dance in squences of events within our environment, we receive what we give within the encoded truth of tonic inflection.  We give what we receive, and receive what we give.  As we understand cause and effect more, as a harmonic system within Nature, we can consciously shift toward healing relationships within our surroundings.  

Tonic inflection is the translation, realized in resonant transposition of vibrating tones of frequency aligning with the frequencies of Nature. They fluctuate in a giving and receiving in the space between our selves and others, and transpose into scalar pulses.  We shape strokes of light as we dance to sounding musical frequencies through our environment.  We circulate in cycles, overlapping in loop stitch time, in a movement toward infinity.  As our movements shape the molecular fabric around us, atomic particles shift through calibrating windows within the environment.  As cycling energy transposes tectonically, it generates an atmospheric breath of fields of energy with resonating potential.  Tonic inflection moves in and out of our cellular fields, aligning us with the healing frequencies of Nature.  As we align harmonically with Nature, our oscillating frequencies resonate within others tonically, in a collective lift to the light heart horizon resonating with the frequencies of the speed of light. 

The windows within our molecular fabric open and close, resonating in the fluid place between with translucency.  As fields flux and flex across the atmospheric breath of Nature around us, we have the power to open and close these windows to generate tonic inflection as we move through our environment.  As artificial vibe enters our sphere, we close our windows, and they reflect.  We reflect dissonant vibration to its original location.  As natural vibe enters our circles, we open our windows to transparency and calibrate in alignment toward natural healing frequencies.  Ever moving, ever fluctuating, our windows move with fluid translucency as with conscious instinct, we give and receive protecting ourselves while simultaneously generating resonating harmonics within our environment.  As we do this, we generate sustainable growth within ourselves and surroundings.  We generate a movement toward infinite healthy growth of our personal celluar composition and that of the molecular fabric of Nature around us.  Then sustainable growth revolves into abundance, and we dance.

Enharmonic Shift

Enharmonic tones are Natural.  Within the history of sound, they are those which result from ancient instrumental tuning.  They are the pitch perfect sounds that come naturally from the human voice, as our vocal folds flutter open and closed.  They are the harmonic tones that shape textured vibrating sound.  Enharmonics are harmonic sounds that resonate from our voice, and instruments tuned in alignment with the Divine Circle of perfect fourths and fifths, in alignment with the textured circulating fluctuation between 432 hertz and 444 hertz frequencies as these frequencies align with note A.  In contrast, modern tuning aligns note A with 440 hertz which is an experience which flattens sensory experience, flattens vibration.  Modern tuning is considered ‘equal temperament’.  It equalizes and flattens our vibe.  Whereas modern tuning flattens sensory vibration, ancient tuning aligned with the natural harmonics of our human vocal folds stimulates a fluctuation of sensations of warmth and timbre, with excitement.  It stimulates genuine emotion.  Ancient divine tuning, generating derivations of enharmonic relationships within composing energetic fields, stimulates healing vibration.

This clockwise and counter clockwise relationship within the mathematical ratios of the Divine Circle, establishes a shift in harmonics.  This enharmonic shift between fourths and fifths results in a comma of frequency between sharps and flats.  In example, the frequency of F# is slightly different than Gb, although on a piano tuned mechanically they are in fact the same key.  A piano tuned by natural ear establishes shifts between sharps and flats from one octave to the next introducing a degree of enharmonic texture.  In playing other string instruments, the enharmonic shift between sharps and flats can be accommodated in the movement of pressure across the strings, and sound more similar to our natural vocal folds can happen in inflecting tonic chords of textured harmony.

Important to note is the distinction between the Divine Circle and the Circle of Phi.  Although presented in modern writing as one in the same, they differ to a degree.  ‘Phi’ evolved as a Greek letter, from ancient languages, and has been altered from its original meaning.  In the Greek alphabet, Phi represents the number 500.  Phonetically it is sounded as a ‘silent’ frictive.  Drafted in sign, Phi represents the split of circle… and as we lift to the ligth heart horizon movement through our energy centers becomes lifts in harmonic resonance and we begin to reside in the places vibrating between the chakra spirals.  In truth, the Divine Circle generates a mathematical fluctuation between 4 & 5.  This chakra location within our human bodies is a translation, a fluid translation between the fourth heart chakra and fifth chakra of our vocal folds.  As we generate fluidity in the translation between our spiraling energy centers, we generate healing.  We generate life as a composing rebirth, in contrast to life as decomposition. Instead of typing with our five digits, we write placing a pencil between our 5 digits and 4 spaces between our fingers. We play stringed and wind fluting instruments, vibration resonating across our hands. And we dance holding hands, making this space between our fingers a place of connection.

Tonic inflection is stimulated by shifting enharmonic frequencies.  Linguistically and mathematically enharmonic tones generate texture, across the atmospheric breath of life on earth. Nature exists in an dualistic enharmonic place.  Nature exist in a continuum of vibration. As a natural textures of frequencies resonate vibration, they stimulate the healthy growth within healing molecular fabric.  They generate sustainable growth, in a movement toward infinite abundance.  Written strokes of light to sound, rhythmic musical composition, and movement in a dance shift to an 'abundance'... all initiated by our personal written strokes.  As we move through the environment, we shape our own signature geometry, we write our personal story in the movements we compose as medicinal tonic inflections.  The more tonic we give and receive, the closer we align with the fabric of our story… the one we were meant to tell.


As we shape signature geometry in our movement within the labyrinth of earth, we draft our holographic signature. We physiologically dance with the fabric of the holographic horizon, in sequences of events.  As we lift to our light heart, circulating clockwise and counter-clockwise in perfect fourths and fifths, our personal light heart horizon aligns with the earth’s holographic horizon where the earth meets the sky.  Our signature story resonates with the stories of others generating the enharmonic texture of balancing ancient frequencies.  Across the holographic horizon, where the earth meets the sky, the speed of light resonates in alignment with ancient mathematical relationships of the note F# as it aligns with the harmonic frequencies of note A at 432 hertz.  Our signature story cross connects, in a seed stitch, with those others who lift to their light heart and resonate with Nature.  As the speed of light resonates, so does the speed of sound.  Light and sound interconnect in the way they vibrate, as they overlap with our sense of touch… in our grounding with earth.  How this happens, linguistically and mathematically, resides in the codes and principles of the equanimity of sustainable growth, unveiled as humanity comes together across this light heart horizon shaping the collective signature geometry for living in alignment with sustainable Nature. 

Knowledge is a simple human desire, a desire to reach some sort of conclusion.  Yet when we begin to understand our words as resonating translations, simple conveyances of frequencies, between our Selves and our surroundings as reach toward harmony… and then we realize that our seeking of knowledge is futile.  We balance the desire to 'know' with 'experience', and engage in conscious instinct, simultaneously assessing and feeling our way through the pathways of the labyrinth.  We generate an environment of tonic inflection, and instead of reaching toward a knowledgable conclusion we reach toward a continuum.  In essence the pursuit of knowledge becomes a distancing from Nature, and hence a distancing from harmonic living.  When the real desire can be to 'de-learn' from the heart, to unfold the objective modern framework of knowledge into a fluid fabric of physiological experience.  So we unfold our constructed objectivism into a subjective fabric of harmonic resonance, and draft a new map.  As construction unfolds into a molecular fabrication, resonating harmonic vibrance, the future in-sight and in-sound is revealed in an embodied physiological composition of environmental aura. 

The beginning ends, and the endings begin… and so on in an energetic continuum generating potential energy.  We compose our story in the way we circulate within the earth, as the atmospheric breath of Mother Earth circulates within and across our human fabric.  Nature is a composing fabric, a composite fabric resonating in dual fluctuating fields of energy in a dance between particles and cycles.  Within this composite fabric, equations of sustainable growth generate potential energy, and abundance results.  We cross connect, stitching our personal molecular fabric into communicating translating signature shapes as we thread with Nature’s seed stitch around us.  We inflect tonically, in the translations generated within this seed stitch of fabric fluctuating in a healing fluid composition... as we generate written strokes of light, into frequencies of musical sound, into a movement of dance in alignment with Earth.