Singular Architecture publishes authentic stories, in many mediums of conveyance. Integrating natural science and articulation, SA Publications shape a storytelling fabric within which people experience a personal story. As intervention into artificial environments, SA shapes places as medicinal tonics for modern civilization.

--- Heather Hoeksema, Author x Architect





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Singular Butterfly







'Singular Butterfly: Verse 3/3' is the first book in the 'Singular Architecture' series by Architect/Author Heather Hoeksema. The work begins as an overview of the cross connections between natural environments and natural human health. The series is about living holistically, in alignment with Nature.

'Singular Butterfly' pays homage to the classic butterlfy effect, while defining it as a 'modern' effect. It then introduces a new way of viewing chaos theory. It proposes a 'holistic' butterfly effect which is the inverse of modern chaos. This effect restores balance between Nature and human habitation.

This modest, yet insightful book contains the seeds for humanity to support environmental health and adaptive balance, by engaging the equations defined by Nature's omnipotent system.

'Singular Butterfly' threads two styles of writing together in one book. The analytical writing conveys the science of the ideas. Then a light hearted free verse narrative is stitched throughout this scientific writing. The concepts can be enjoyed and understood by a broad audience, both young and old.


Singular Butterfly
Sounding Silence
Reverse Effect
Dynamic Fluid
Natural Fabrication
Human Nature
Circumnavigating Scales
Resonant Scales
Shape Shifting
Unfolding Form
Tectonic Balance
Periodic Birth
Calibrative Adaptation
Buffering Fluid
Atmospheric Breath
Figuring Field
Transcending Scale
Initial State


Heather Hoeksema


Heather Hoeksema


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