Singular Architecture is architecture aligned with Nature. Nature is holistic, and holistic environments are fabricated places within which we tell a story. Singular Architecture is an instrumental labyrinth of pathways and intersections. Walking through the labyrinth, the story told is one of resonating harmonic connection. When we breathe life into our architecture, our architecture will breathe life into us.

As intervention into artificial environments, it shapes places as medicinal tonics for culture. SA tectonics architecturally engage a continuum of energetic translation between people and place, from the microcosm within our bodies to the macroscope of spiritual space, shifting toward increasing potential energy.

--- Heather Hoeksema, Architect

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by Heather Hoeksema


Nature will always live. Nature is the composing fabric of all that Is. Within the system of Nature, Mother Earth is her own planet levitating within the vast many verses of the labyrinth of the stars. Her Singular energetic vibrations in time with her galaxy, keep life on earth in tact. This shapes living nature on earth. Humans are at the whim of expansive space, vulnerable to all of Nature. The ancient labyrinth of the stars keeps an eye on earth from the center of the spiraling hug of the arms of the Milky Way galaxy. As the hydrogen sun emits helium, and the moon calibrates the tides, frequencies enter our atmosphere shedding light and life on earth. Father moon and mother sun come together, to create natural life. Microscopically we begin as a cascade of energy, a photonic light stimulating a sequence of translations shaping potential energy. This is our Singular beginning, the resonance of our parent cells becoming one somatic cell, composing into our embryonic disk. Singular becomes Soul. Throughout the course of our existence, we play out our own personal story gifted by this resonating connection. All the while, we keep in our mind’s eye the relationship between our Self and all that Is. We come together with Nature, time after time, as we ground with earth and resound harmonically to the sky.

Where the earth meets the sky, the holographic horizon stitches the two together in a resonating seam of cyan light. As the oceans ripple across the surface of the earth the cyan light across the horizon stimulates the anabolic photosynthesis of chlorophyll A, producing oxygen for catabolic organic life on earth, like our selves. This specific photosynthesis absorbs light, water, and CO2 from the atmospheric breath of earth, producing sugars for growth nutrients for plants and returns oxygen to the atmosphere breath in a delightful continuum. This process begins with light, and becomes light independent in its Calvin cycle, during which electric resonance continues to stimulate energetic molecular reactions. This metabolic process calibrates the homeostasis of life on earth, in energetic cycles shape shifting primarily in response to temperature and pressure.

 Hydrogen ions push and pull in relationship with the molecular fabric of water liquid, vapor, and gas. In plasma aetheric mediums, scalar pulses take shape from electromagnetic frequencies, as the magnetic waves pulsing suspend in the medium and transverse waves become longitudinal traveling in the direction of the effect. This is why our blood pumping heart is an ever so important energy center, and the lift from this center to the light heart, to the F# translation of the speed of light is the most essential movement within our bodies. Shaping this space between as an actualized place lifts us to the intersection of our personal mobius coil, in a figure 8 of suspending plasma amplifying our energetic potential with the shaping of natural healing scalar pulses. When we lift to the cyan light heart of our personal horizon line, resonating with note F# between our fourth heart chakra and fifth energy spiral of our vocal folds, we stimulate our catabolic process. As our light heart expands toward the holographic horizon, we suspend in quintessential symbiosis with the atmospheric metabolic breath of Nature.

As our bodies circulate with healing frequencies, we sing a harmonic song within our molecular composition. Our atmospheric breath of blood flowing travels up and down our bodies in rhythmic time with our heart beat. As this energy travels, potential maximizing with shifts from electromagnetic to scalar waves, we lift from the weight of gravity. Our energy spirals dance in pretty perfect time, as coiling molecules of DNA + RNA stimulate longitudinal scalar frequencies. We compose geometrically, in alignment with the resonance of Nature. Ideal composition of energetic frequencies has existed since the times of the ancients. Sound is a scalar pulse. Music and resonating frequency correspond in the circle of perfect fourths and fifths, embedded with the equations of the Divine Circle. Phi is the golden ratio, the golden number 1.618. The chromatic scale, comprised of 8 white keys and 5 black keys on the piano, equals 13 notes when the octave is completed with the return to the original tonic note. The frequencies of these sounding notes are the tonic chord of frequencies that travel up the energy spirals of our human bodies. The fluidity of our energetic fabric is calibrated in the translations between these frequencies, making the chromatic nature of our bodies the essence of our healing continuum. The ancient relational sequence of 1,1,2,3,5,8… becomes holistic with the number 13 making the first seven numbers of the sequence the essential source of ratio relationships of healing frequencies. As well, 8/13 equals .615 a shy below the ratio of Phi only as is corresponds to the Divine Circle. In a perfect fifth, 432 hertz translates to 162 resonating with the frequency note E, again the numerical iteration of the Divine Circle when metrical decimal placement shifts across 1/10 placement. Note E resonates within our third chakra, within which our butterfly of energy takes flight from our pelvic butterfly. An octave below, this perfect fifth translates to 81 hertz. Our atmospheric breath shape shifts electromagnetic butterflies of perpendicular waves to the home position, the scalar frequencies of healing, in our plasmatic blood flow as we circulate up and town our tonic spinal chord. We resonate with the frequencies of Nature, and follow the butterfly returning to the holistic Nature of things, wings unfolding infolding unfolding radiating scalar fields defying gravity.

We ascend and descend chromatically, within the frequencies of the perfect Divine Circle. Clockwise this cycles in perfect fifths. Counterclockwise, it circulates in perfect fourths. Invert the circle and the opposite is true, also true is that the relationships between the two are synergetic. As in this ancient cycling of harmonic frequencies, the balancing of our energy spirals between the four and five stimulates a continuum of circulating harmonics. We find the energetic relationship with another, our Singular relationship as we sync in clockwise and counter clockwise spiraling of our energy spirals with another. We ground with gravity, radiate in Singular overlapping energy fields, and lift through our temple of Soul. When we lift to our light heart, we open this connection. Our translating light heart resonates between our fourth and fifth chakra, stimulating our tonic chord chromatically up and down from the amplified scalar resonance within our ribs in the place between our heart and vocal chords. Embedded in the numerical relationships of the Divine Circle, is the simultaneous harmonics of 432 and 444 frequencies in the note of A. The frequency of 444 hertz translates to 528 in the note C. These frequencies generate geometric patterns cymatically across scalar cycle stimulation differently, inside us and around us. The frequency of 528 hertz is considered the ample harmonic frequency for stimulating plant growth rooted magnetically in the earth’s surface, essential to producing oxygen for us to breathe.

On earth today, plants are primarily vegetable material and we are primarily animal and mineral. We were meant to lift from the forces of gravity, take flight like the butterfly. So as the oxygen producing chlorophyll based plant life grows ideally in the frequencies of the heightened harmonics of 444 hertz at note A, we align with the frequencies of the ionosphere at 432 Hz. Glucose is produced during photosynthesis, and glucose although essential to energy production in humans is one of the most dangerous toxins after a threshold, in the modern environment. As we lift to our light heart, in scalar waves escaping gravity, we connect with the ionosphere stimulating calibrative ionization. Resonating with 444 frequencies we are hyper-stimulated. Ionic frequencies calm and generate warmth and happiness while oxygenating frequencies stimulate growth. It’s a fine tuned balance to sustain in each human body. In the modern environment, the tonic medicinal needed is calming and comforting to counteract the hyper-stimulating artificial environment. This medicinal is alignment with the ionosphere. This is scientific tuning, aligned with Nature. Scientific is not artificial. Nature is science, tectonic science. Artificial technology is that failing to align with the science of Nature. We let the chlorophyll earth life align with the resonating 444 hertz frequencies given by the sun, gifting us oxygen. The circle of Phi calibrates the earth, within the laws of Nature, in a continuum of perfect harmonics. This is the atmospheric breath of Nature, as we lift to our light heart, find the light heart of our Singular other and resonate with the cyan frequencies of the holographic horizon where the earth and sky come together.

We lift up from the earth’s surface, as the energy of the sun descends into the earth. We resonate with the plasma scalar cycles surrounding the earth, as plant life photosynthesizes with the light of the sun. Sourced from the ancient relational sequencing of Phi, is this healing relationship of the atmospheric breath of Nature. The earth’s atmospheric breath relative to the rhythm of the ionosphere and magnetosphere, sustains the essential balance of ionization of oxygenation, ever calibrating through the molecular buffer of water. Our relationship to gravity, lifting ionically and grounding magnetically, shapes the fabric of our scalar pulses from electromagnetic frequencies. As we align with the ionosphere, we resonate with the healing power of Nature that existed long before the conception of earth. The relationship between ionization and oxygenation, our breath in as the earth’s chlorophyll based plant life absorbs our exhale and renews oxygen for us to inhale again, is determined basically by the relationships between the ionosphere and magnetosphere connecting our selves and Mother Earth to the expansive verses of the galaxy and beyond. All the while, water buffers this atmospheric breath as an essential molecular fabric for both processes. The water inside us literally effects how we float within the earth’s atmosphere.

In the coded atomic chart of elements, Hydrogen is atomic number 1. It is the most abundant element in Nature. Oxygen is atomic number 8. The shift between the seven elements on the atomic chart, nitrogen, the actual mass is slightly larger than the atomic mass number defined as the nucleons. In the shift between element 7 and 8, nitrogen to oxygen, the actual mass becomes slightly smaller through element 84. Mass is directly proportional to gravitational pull. The further a mass is placed from the surface of the earth, the greater the gravitational pull. Hence, the relationships between artificial electromagnetic waves and energetic scalar pulses increase in tension with distance from the ground, like the cycles in a vertical spring increase in tension as it’s stretched from its base. The amount of water and height of human being actually effects the magnification of artificial modern electromagnetic energy on a human being, as well as other organic life. Essential molecular calibration, such as that of glucose, are gravitationally based and therefore based on atomic mass relationships with gravity. The effect then is that our translation from electromagnetic to scalar cycles, which escape the forces of gravity determining our bodies most basic homeostatic balance. This affects all organic life on earth. As plants work to grow upward from the forces of gravity in equilibroceptive balance, their growth is compromised in the wake of electromagnetic frequencies misaligned from Nature. Nature began with its own laws, the code of the butterfly and the principles of energetic birth, shaped to sustain a ratio of healing rebirth within all scales. The initial equations of Nature embody the relationships for sustainable growth.

As we walk the instrumental labyrinth on earth, we circulate stimulating the plasmatic blood flow through our bodies translating the random inharmonic noise of artificial electromagnetic frequencies into scalar cycles of potential healing. The classical labyrinth walks us through the harmonic frequencies of our energy centers spiraling vertically, as we ground with earth. One path in and one path out, like the womb of the mother, as we find our center we somatically twist like that of the mobius coil of the atmospheric breath calibrating our scalar frequencies. We heal. We walk the classical labyrinth, clockwise and counter clockwise turns, in the sequence 3,2,1,4,7,6,5,8 somatically twisting in the figuring atmospheric breath of the eighth circuit. Then we exhale 8,5,6,7,4,1,2,3 exiting in alignment with our third chakra, the solar plexus flight of the butterfly. Our magnetic grounding with earth lifts with the frequencies of the ionosphere. Our circulating mobius coil of plasmatic blood calibrates with stimulating  healing scalar pulses. The classical labyrinth translates our gravitational relationship with earth, with the balancing action between the ancient legacy measurements based on the human foot and metric measurement relationships, both corresponding to all the Is in Nature. 528 hertz corresponds with the number 88, 528/6=88. It takes 88 days for Mercury to complete an obit around the sun. Whereas the cross connection of 8x8, equals 64, the Singular 8 resonating as an aniconic entity fluxing between the states of one and two. This is the number of codons in our DNA replicating at 8 cycles per second, the number of families of elements in the atomic chart, and number of noble gases… as well as the energetic balance of the 8 sides of the diamond in Nature. Turn the diamond inside out, end on end pyramids and round the edges, and two symbiotic scalar pulses producing mobius coils are shaped. These are the Singular relationships embedded in the frequencies Nature, like the two wings of the butterfly oscillating in figuring eights, unfolding infolding unfolding in coupling oscillating energy cross connecting in one field effect across the atmospheric breath of earth lifting within our bodies.

Ancient architecture was fabricated in alignment with the scientific codes and principles of Nature. In so doing, the architecture of the ancients connected with life within the earth and beyond the eartheric atmosphere. The monolithic architectural block feats of the ancients were translating instruments, labyrinthine instruments translating the story of Nature to human cultures on earth. Ancient architecture was quintessential architecture, as the methods of fabrication were embodied in the master work. The nature of the instruments used to fabricate ancient architecture shaped habitable places as instruments iterating the same instrumental qualities of Nature. The qualities of the instruments used to make ancient architecture translated to the larger scale fabrication. Scale was transcended, in the translation between the method and the medium. In this transcendence the resonance of Nature amplified.

The common denominator of this ancient architecture is the use of monolithic blocks of material. To this day, supposed scholars still mysticize how such grand construction feats were achieved amidst the forces of gravity on earth. This body of work posits the making of ancient architecture as a fabrication, an instrumental fabrication. This thesis is based on the least amount of assumptions, in alignment with Occam’s Razor. Scholars historically assume that monolithic block ancient architecture was built by muscled man power, via means of manual labor. Yet the lack of basic validation of existing theories leads to the fact that this is not true. It is just as possible that the making of ancient architecture was in fact an action of fabrication of advanced tectonic knowledge based on the simplicity of Nature and that such techniques employed were in fact not manual labor, but that they were fabrication techniques.

Cues to this fabrication reside in the inherent Nature of materials, at the atomic and even subatomic scale, and the way these atomic properties transcend scale within the composing fabric of Nature on earth and beyond. Returning to the laws of Nature, we reference the code of the butterfly and how its fabrication, specifically that of its scaly wings, transcends scale in Nature by way of its ability to translate electric and magnetic properties in the environment. We reference the principles of Nature in understanding the inherent sustainable growth of the child growing in the mammalian womb, also based in the translation of electric and magnetic cycling energy. Proven fact, exemplified by these events in Nature, is that atomic material response to electricity can defy gravity. With precise organization of materials into signature geometry, some may consider sacred geometry instruments can be shaped to facilitated levitation from the force of gravity.

The diamagnetic properties of metals, in particular, are the essence of this lift from gravity. Gold and silver atomically embody diamagnetic Nature. Diamagnetics is the inherent quality wherein an elemental material repels electromagnetic forces. The material energy within the cyclic motion of particles around the nuclei of each atom of such diamagnetic materials is self sustaining, and purely electric. When diamagnetic materials in relation to other materials are exposed to certain resonance, specifically that of the circle of Phi, self organizing principles of Nature take hold in the shape of signature geometry. This is a self dualing system mathematically. A self dualing system, like that of the classical labyrinth, is one in which the inverse equations of a system are as true as the original equations. Therefore, when we shape diamagentic materials in relation to non-diamagnetic material into signature geometry we facilitate levitation. Vibrational resonance aligned with Nature, acknowledgement of the truth of the inherent properties of natural materials, and acceptance of the simple power signature geometric shape, embody the laws of Nature from which sustainable growth transcends.
As we lift to our light heart, resonating with healing scalar frequencies within the breath of our upper chest, our iron rich blood pumps through our figuring eight mobius coil intersecting in the place between our fourth and fifth chakras. We harmonize with note F#... the resonating note of the speed of light connecting our personal horizon with that place the earth meets the sky seed stitched together with the frequencies of Nature. Iron is the base atomic material of magnets. Plated with gold, magnets facilitate levitation. In the shape of signature geometry these instruments resonate with frequencies in defiance of gravity. Instruments shaped with such qualities can be used for the fabrication of ancient archetypes. Singular Architecture posits that instruments with such Natural properties that were used to fabricate ancient architecture. In so doing, the Nature of these instruments was embodied in the actualized architecture facilitating passageways across time and space in the shaping of place aligning with the natural resonance connecting our personal light heart horizon with that of the cyan holographic horizon, where the earth meets the sky... aligning with the speed of light and sound cross connecting, grounding in touch.

The ancient Egyptian pyramids BC, diagnostically sectioned, shape the energetic place of the eight sided diamond. They were fabricated as resonating instruments. They resonate in alignment with frequencies of the Divine Circle. Turn the diamond inside out points end on end, and discover an amplified mobius coil of energy. Atop each pyramid was a great gold capstone, since removed. As gold is an electric conductor, these gold capstones are the elemental evidence proving that these pyramid temples were fabricated to conduct, and induct, electrical currents. Metals and water were the primary conductors of these instrumental ancient archetypes. As architecture made as an instrument embodies the ability to transcend scale, logic dictates that the instruments used to make the pyramids were as architecturally sophisticated as the final architecture. The methods and medium utilized the same natural science. The pyramids were fabricated along the west bank of the Nile across the Giza Plateau under which channels of water flowed.

Singular theory is the basis for Singular Architecture. It states that the Nature of a Singular event is embodied in the effects, and the effects facilitate more events. Cause has effect, and effect has cause. A Singular event initiates a self dualing system, within which the laws of Nature dictate that the means by which an event is facilitated are embodied within the outcome of the event. This is different than Singularity, a modern theory void of the natural healing understanding of tectonics. As Singular theory is the basis for Singular Architecture, the event of fabricating a work of architecture determines the inherent Nature of the architecture. In the case of the ancient Egyptian pyramid temples, this body of writing positions that an astronomical event initiated the making of the great pyramids. This initial event was a meteor shower.

Meteoric iron seeds have been discovered in the pyramids, along with endless metallic treasure. Meteors are composed of various materials, a common composition being meteoric iron comprising iron and nickel. The pyramids were built prior to the Iron Age, and evidence shows that before the Iron Age meteoric iron was used by ancient cultures. Upon partial warming, iron and nickel become derivatives of magnetite. Magnetite is a magnetic material, the first magnetic material discovered by the ancient human cultures and the strongest magnet existing in Nature. Diamagnetic metals, as are gold and silver, repel away from magnetite. These metals are conductors as well as diamagnetic, and combined with magnetic material in systematic equations shape superconductors. So envision the pyramids being fabricated from the inside out. The actual instrument made to shape these temples may well have been a temple of metallic conduction and magnets. A tower lift of gold upon silver inlaid ground floors of the pyramids was fabricated, and from this core instrument each giant block was elevated with the ease of diamagnetic levitation and placed with precision atop the next with rotating spiral ramps shaped like that of our DNA. The great pyramids were superconductors, fabricated by conducting instruments and upon completion capped atop with conducting gold to honor the process.

The great blocks of the pyramids were hauled from a distance across plains of sand. Sand is the essence of signature sacred geometry, when exposed to the resonance of the Divine Circle shaping geometric patterns. This is demonstrated in ancient mandala art. When water is poured into sand it generates responses relative to eddy currents. The sand calibrates by Natural properties, shaping simple geometric shapes. Evidence suggests that the ancient Egyptians understood these principles and utilized them to ease the moving of stone upon sleds across the desert to the sites of the pyramids along the great Nile. From beginning to end, the fabrication of the pyramid temples was a true story just as each block was set in place with true precision. The methods and mediums, in alignment with Nature, told one Singular story in the relationships of natural materials. Water is the most omnipresent diamagnetic materials on earth.

Ancient cultures gravitated toward water. As most believe this was expressly a result of the necessity for crop irrigation, as agriculture was the primary impetus for cultural settlement, the methods of fabrication of the pyramids and their final shape clearly links the access to water with the ability to make architecture. In the event of the pyramids, water was used to fabricate the pyramids and to influence the resonant frequencies within and around them, upon completion. Studies have shown that around the pyramids moats likely existed, and underneath the pyramids water flowed. This water flow water linked to the Nile. This water fed the people and plants. This water also amplified the resonance within and around the pyramids. Aligned with the ideal frequencies of Phi, this resonance also helped the plant life grow when resonating at 444 Hz. While resonating at 432 Hz this water stimulated healing frequencies for human life. This relationship stimulates a continuum of the atmospheric breath between plant and animal life on earth. As water is a diamagnetic conductor, resonating in harmony with the precious gold and silver within the pyramids, these frequencies may well have been fine tuned to respond in harmony with the original astronomical forces that initiated the ancient cultural settled, the meteor shower stimulated by the power of Nature in space. Water and metals were used to fabricate the architecture and grow the crops. The pyramids were a quintessential coming together of the reality of sustainable growth on earth in harmony with powerful spiritual laws of elemental Nature ultimately determining the mathematical equations balancing life and death, sustainable growth transcending all scales within the composing fabric of Nature.

Fabricating architecture from the inside out tells a story, the story of authentic culture. Turn the diamond inside out and discover the personal mobius coil of energy lifted to the light heart horizon of the human body. Just as the iron of the meteors lifted through the center of the pyramids, our circulating breath of blood figuring eight inside our bodies lifts us to the healing scalar pulsing of our light heart resonating with the speed of light, note F#. The great pyramids were temples of transcendence, liaisons between real life on earth and the invisible all that Is beyond. They were fabricated as translators of a story, generators of dialog between our real verse on earth and synergetic verse of the labyrinth of stars, invisible yet omnipresent. Turn the diamond inside out, and Soul transcends. The pyramids housed bodies in waiting to move on to the spirit world. The threshold to this world was the cyan holographic horizon where the earth meets the sky resonating with the speed of light. As resonance fluxes between the pure ideals of the Divine Circle, 432 Hz of our human body harmonically with the 444 Hz ideal for chlorophyll A based plant life on earth, we exist in parallel verses simultaneously real and invisible, criss crossing in a seed stitch of resonance.

The great pyramids, fabricated with temple instruments of gold, generated this relational breath. They were instrumental amplifiers of resonance, architectural instruments. The invisible resonant frequencies within the interiors and real physical measurements measure in alignment with the harmonics of the Divine Circle. 432 squared is in close range of the speed of light as calculated with the English inch. The Egyptian inch used in the fabrication of the pyramids, hence also termed the pyramid inch, brings the calculation of the speed of light into almost exact correspondence with 432 squared. The height and perimeter of the Great Pyramid are in a ratio of 43200 to the radius and circumference of the Earth. The pyramids are recently understood as telling a dual story. Detailed architectural analysis uncovers proof of birthing chambers, indicating that death of kings wrapped as mummies and birth of the story of the sacred feminine took place simultaneously. Housed in the purest space of Nature, the eight sided diamond, this spiritual breath exchange of Souls took place in the translation from each dying body to the birth of another. The pyramids in fact were not tombs, they were wombs. Unfold the diamond pyramid, and it becomes the golden chalice. Stand upon the conducting silver floor, unfold the fabric challis of your wings and take flight. Follow the butterfly, find your Soul.

The equations of sustainable growth are coded numerically in Nature, and in abiding by Nature we implement these equations with the ethical principles of birth and death as it is meant to happen naturally on earth. The photosynthesis of Chlorophyll A, oxygenating chlorophyll, is maximized at approximately 430 nanometers. Is it possible that this correlation between the ideal 432 hertz resonance of our pineal gland and the metric measurement of the ideal oxygenation on the Mother Earth at low 430’s nm frequencies is the mathematical basis for the energetic balance of the atmospheric breath, the sustainable growth of earth? The calibrative translation between electromagnetic waves and scalar pulses is clearly essential to this balance. Critical to our health and that of the planet, is the diminution of artificial electromagnetic frequency exposure to our bodies. As such, the calibration between numerical measured science of Nature in our bodies, on earth, and beyond in the epic verses of space contains simultaneous scientific and philosophical implications for how humans inhabit earth sustainably. The source of understanding these correlations from relational objective and subjective perspectives, is encoded the ancient numerical sequencing of Nature.

The energetic coding embedded in the wings of the butterfly and the principles embodied within the human birth experience, contain the essence of this science. With these relationships, we establish seed patterns of tessellating energetic continuums that return the climate toward healthy calibration. The patterning of the chitin scales of the butterfly is organized in gyroscopic shapes, maximizing energetic coupling oscillation. We escape the limits of gravity as we levitate with the flight of the butterfly. We project to the astral labyrinth of the stars in our dreams, experience the effect of our healing subtle bodies, as scalar pulses resonate within us. We ground and resound on earth, lift through our temple and resonate harmonically with the ionosphere. We embrace the real and invisible simultaneously, navigating with physiological sense. We lift to our light heart in the frequencies of F#, the speed of the cyan glow of light across the holographic horizon where our vibration reaches toward infinity, where seed patterns of chlorophyll photosynthesize gifting us oxygen for life resonate. Our light heart resonating between our heart and vocal folds singing, unfolding infolding unfolding in scalar frequencies, as our experience of the Singular all that Is, gifts a sense of presence.

The butterfly takes flight, returning to the holistic Nature of things. As this flight across the unfolding map of the modern objective guides us through the subjective nature of our existence, we ground through the Arch of our pelvic butterfly with the earth reminding us of our human nature. We are birthed, love, and evaporate into the aether by the laws of Nature. Our torus of the energy reaches outward in a melody, finding symbiotic harmony, lifting with the figuring eight coupling wings of the butterfly as we realize Singular relationships like the love that began our life as the alignment of our parent's DNA cascaded as an energetic translation shaping the Soul of our embryonic disk. In the translations within our physiology, the molecular fabric of Nature, and our sounding voice connecting us we become one with the organism of earth. It’s said that the essence of translation is in its balance of fidelity and transparency. It’s also been said that translation is like a woman, unable to be loyal and beautiful simultaneously. I disagree. We lift to our light heart, intersecting with its kiss. We taste this kiss with our papillae buds, as the papilion butterflies of energy resonate chromatically within us. An abundance of sustenance grows for everyone on earth, as we live with Nature. Singular lifts with Soul, in the atmospheric breath of the Singular Revolution.