Singular Architecture is architecture aligned with Nature. Nature is holistic, and holistic environments are fabricated places within which we tell a story. Singular Architecture is an instrumental labyrinth of pathways and intersections. Walking through the labyrinth, the story told is one of resonating harmonic connection. When we breathe life into our architecture, our architecture will breathe life into us.

As intervention into artificial environments, it shapes places as medicinal tonics for culture. SA tectonics architecturally engage a continuum of energetic translation between people and place, from the microcosm within our bodies to the macroscope of spiritual space, shifting toward increasing potential energy.

--- Heather Hoeksema, Architect


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by Heather Hoeksema


"I disagree with the production of weaponry. Yet because of technology, we are now in this place. I used to believe that women should manage gun control. Then a man told me that if I ever shot a gun, I would never want to have sex again. Well, I did shoot a gun and the opposite happened. So I still believe that women should control weaponry."


One fine day, my great grandaddy bought a gun. In 1918 he took a stand to defend his stoic story. Little did he know, he would also defend the future story of people around the world. He had arrived in America in the early 1900’s from the Netherlands, making his way as a manual laborer. He worked with a shovel alongside many hard working men recycling industrial waste into land fill, soon to be a park. This land fill would eventually become the home of the Field Museum and myriads of iron train tracks. Hard working men sweat and toiled, to make the world a better place, by recycling waste from the city's industrial revolution for the harmonic movement of the people. And soon after my grandad became an intellectual. He became a theologian writing books which he considered contributions toward other hard working country folk, making their way in the land 'o the free. Then toward the end of World War I, Herman the First founded his own church in the provincial town of Holland, across the lake from the train tracks of soul that he helped to lay... so many years before. He believed in his new home, America. He was an agressively stubborn man who also believed in a single God. He believed adamantly in the First Amendment, without question.

Utilization of the word 'amendments' as the linguistic description for the formal changes of law is ironic, in relation to the United States Constitution. As the First Amendment emphasizes the clear distinction between religion and governance, as the basis for American civilization, the term 'amendment' itself actually integrates religious and legal terminology. This is a curious linguistic juxtaposition, a crux of sorts, between the intent of the documentation of the Constitution and the meaning embedded in the linguistic terminology of the language. The source prefix of the word 'amendment' is 'amen', which has been indoctrinated by patriarchal religion since ancient Egypt. During 1500 BC specifically, the reign of Amenhotep I began the eighteenth dynasty of Egypt. During this period, the majority of ancient pyramids were already built. This dynasty was known as the New Kingdom. Only one pharoh of this time was female, and reigned in tandem with a male. Amenhotep I, II, III, and IV were pharohs during this period, which in the history of the global religious belief systems is the source point for the beginning of the global transition into patriarchal monotheistic religion. From the reign of Amenhotep I, to prior King Tutankhamun, Egypt underwent a transformation which changed the course of the world for all women. It shifted into a war state, a monotheistic belief system, and patriarchal reign. As we will soon discover, this transition was based on a myth of exponential proportions. This history of the establishment of patriarchy, based on myth, became part of the foundation for the Amendements of the United States. 'Amen' is to this day, used in biblical prayer around the world, continuing to cross link religion and government. The sounding of the word has become a mechanism of entrainment. 'Amen' as the root prefix of 'amendment', has become indoctrinated into linguistics defining civilizations around the world, entraining people to blur the line between religion and government in contradiction to the intent of the Constituion... which is freedom for all humans.

Before my great grandaddy got a gun, he used his words to defend his country. He believed defiently in the separation of religion and governance, in his new home land. He believed in the First Amendment of the United States. He preached in a coat and tails to prove this... to prove his point. Then one day, a few cool days before the balmy day he bought a gun, he refused to allow the American flag to be flown in his church yard. Then in the days following, patriot extremists took his personal stand to support the First Amendment… well, personally. He was physically stalked by veterans of WWI, night upon night. He was verbally stalked with threats of violence, threats of being tarred and feathered. As he walked out the doors of his sanctuary toward the end of each day, he entered the streets of his provincial town with his life in the balance. He risked his life defending his secularist perspective. He risked his life to defend the separation of religion and government. He believed there should always remain a safe place for freedom of expression, and understood that such secularism separating religion and government, was the essence of this essential freedom. No one should be judged based on religious beliefs, unless religous beliefs defy the natual freedom of any human being based on gender, ethnicity, or any other superficial assessment. He risked his life defending the First Amendment. And he did so by exercising his Second Amendment freedom to bear arms, in defense of his threatened life. In the wake of death threats from hyper-nationalist patriots, my great grandaddy bought a gun. This gun was the reason I was born.

So if the actual linguistics of civilized doctrine of the 'Amendments' blur the line between religion and governance, where is the line drawn between religion and government, as the intent of Constitution is to enforce freedom? The answer to this question resides in the intent of the doctrine, and US Constitutional intent is most clearly amplified in the Ninth Amendment. The Ninth Amendment states that all human beings have natural freedoms, simply because we are humans. It supports our human nature and our freedom to live healthy properous lives on earth. One could say the Ninth Amendment supercedes any and all other law.

Natural law reigns, even within the letigious sublanguage of the Constitution. Natural Law is enforced specifically in the Ninth Amendment. Natural law supercedes common law. Common law supercedes civil law. As such, Natural Law... our inherent freedoms as human beings, supercedes all law. And furthermore the intent of the Constitution to support human freedom above all rights, is clarified unquestionably in the final Tenth Amendment of the Bill of Rights. This logic clarifies that the Ninth Amendment is in fact the most essential, powerful element of doctrine of the United States. It is in fact the keystone of the Constitution. Therefore, even within the potentially conflicting linguistics of western civilized law, the codes and principles of Nature are defined as the most powerful laws for our human life on earth. The Ninth Amendement ultimately draws the line. The Ninth Amendment undeniably draws the line between religion and governance, by placing Natural Law above the simplistic use of language of civilized law. Our human existance granted by Nature, above all, makes us free.

I don’t believe in One God. In fact, I don't believe in anything ‘iconic’. I believe in humanity. I believe in our human nature, our human nature that connects all humans on earth. I believe in the ‘aniconic' resonance of Nature; the healing resonating harmonics within and between two, as an initial point. Still, my great grandaddy failed to escape his single monotheistic beliefs. He believed exponentially, in one God. He believed life begins with 'one'. Herman was a perpetual preacher of monotheistic religion, as are all purveyors of patriarchal religion in today's modern world. Yet, ironically, he was forced to live his pragmatic life differently. As he spoke up in his belief that religion had no obligation to support 'nationalism', he got his hands dirty in the laws of 'naturalism'. He had no other choice, as he we forced to protect himself and his family. As he exercised his beliefs in one monotheistic God, he also exercised his natural freedom of speech by defending the Ten Amendments of the Constitution. His life was threatened, because he took a stand… and he was forced to exercise his Second Amendement freedom and dirty his hands with a mechanically loaded gun.

Nature is 'aniconic'. Nature is Singular. It exists, per the equations of natural science, in a fluid continuum of resonance. It is not a 'single'. Nature is not an 'objective' monotheistic entity. Singular is the resonance within and between two, a flux between objective and subjective presence. It is omnipotent in presence, and omnipotent in its holitic ability to support all life on earth and beyond. If Nature were monotheistic, it would be stagnant. It would be iconic, and inactive. Yet it is 'aniconic'. The physiological science of Nature is fluid, tectonic in its ability to shape shift its atomic fabric, calibrating energetic harmony between potential stillness and kinetic movement. As we align with Nature's energetic system, we experience a phsyiological entrainment of sorts, that can be healing. Entrainment can be healing, or it can be sedating. Healing entrainment is a meditative sustainable resont regrowth of our inner cellular composition. Sedative entrainment is a numbing of the senses. Nature balances life within its fabric, with healing sustainable resonance. Nature generates sustainable growth, by providing the calibrating pulse of energy with which organic life aligns holistically within environments, within us and around us.

The harmonics embedded within the codes and principles of Nature can dominate artificial linguistic logic of 'modern' civilization, if we remain open to connecting with Nature at all scales. Natural harmony then translates to our our basic sounded, vocal communcations stimulating healing connections. It translates to our written word, stimulating authentic balancing of freedoms between people. It can translate to doctrine, when litigious doctrine it not used to subvert natural freedoms, within civilizations, as is often the unfortunate outcome of political climates within the modern world. Within the sorted patriarchal history of the United States, the Ninth Amendment is proof of this most basic human truth. Natural Law is embossed irrevocably within civilization by the Ninth Amendment of American western civilization. It is actually the true intended basis of United States civilization, in that is supports freedom above all, freedom of our aniconic natural existance as a healing existance independent of iconic worship. Iconic worship is artificial. Artificial fixations of human civilization are subservient and meaningless relative to the real sustainable laws of Nature, our natural freedoms as humans, even the monotheistic belief systems of patriarchal religion. As we generate harmonic tones of conveyances between each other, aligned with the harmonic resonance of nature, each word we speak represents the Singular Architecture of our human freedom.

Although my beliefs diverge quite drastically from my great grandfather's, I do believe he is unbothered. I think that during his life time, he understood the power of resonant Nature as much as he was convinced of the existance of one single God. I think that because he understood the power of Nature, he was conflicted like any religious man who instinctually understands that force of Natural Law. I believe he was conflicted because of his love for Nature, in the wake of his staunch belief in monotheistic religious views. This conflict is a result of the sublime beauty of Nature contrasting the iconic symbology perpetuated by patriarchal religion, and it is undeniable to any person who chooses not to forget that they only exist because of the natural power of human birth within the womb. He loved his mother. He cared for his mother, even when his father failed to do so.

He brought my great great grandmother, a fluent seamstress, to the United States so he could protect her. He understood the prowess of his 'mother', and he understood that he existed only because of her natural being. Because of this, I do believe he is proud that his great grandaughter turned into nothing but a dirty little heathen, a Nature child, you see. I like getting my hands dirty too. It seems I’ve become a bit of an expert in doing so. I accept the power of Nature above all other, and am comfortable in exercising my freedom of speech to say so. Herman lived until September 2, 1965. He lived almost to eighty, because along with his bible… he carried a gun. His son, my grandfather, was born two years after my great grandad bought his pistol. So I was born, because in the wake of violent reactions against the most basic beliefs written in the Constitution, my great grandad bought a gun.

Patriarchal religion and consequential patriarchal civilization are unequivocally one in the same, in the world today. As a result, any remnant of the 'sacred' in modern civilization has dissolved. The blur between modern patriarchal religion and government patriarchy, has become a perverse common bond between iconoic worship and econonmic exploitation, subverting our natural human freedoms in the most dangerous of ways. Patriarchal religion is monotheistic. Monotheism is patriarchal. Monothesism is iconic. And iconism is the most abused aspect of civilized governance, abused to seduce people in diversive distracting entrainment from freedom. This is perhaps the most unfortunate outcome of the undermining of the First Amendement, specifically in its supportive relationship of the Ninth Amendment. Emphasis on 'one' God amplifies objectivism. It is artificially iconic, as the 'object' only exists in balance harmony with 'subject'. As such, the intent of monotheistic doctrine becomes to distinguish humans from Nature. Nature exists in a resonance between the objective and the subjective, and emphasis on one or the other is a diversion from the truth.

Our healing, human nature is 'aniconic'. We exist in a continuum with our surroundings, within our environment on earth, as simultaneous objects and subjects. We are niether one, nor the other. We exist as a resonating relationship between the two nature's. This sustainable relationship exists during our first nine months in the womb, and after we are birthed into the expandee environment of the womb of earth. Our mother's womb was a natural environment, like the earth, supporting our growth sustainably across our cellular fields. The human womb is 'aniconic' in nature, allowing us to grow in a healthy, healing way. After we are born into the earth, we engage with our surrounding much the same. And the superimposition of civilized patriarchy, as a basis for civilization, is a diversion from this healing sustainable relationship with our surroundings in its emphasis on iconic objectivism. As such, as western civilization continues to fail to separate religion and governance, it subverts healthy human life on earth. Ignorance of the Ninth Amendment as the keystone of the Constitution, intentionally accomodates this misguided Malthusian direction of lthe growth of human populations on earth.

The Ninth Amendment is the amendment of natural life on earth. It is the Amendment of the 'woman'. Women embody the physiological ability to shape future human life. We embody the capaability to forward the human species beginning in the human womb, at the atomic scale of sustainable cellular growth. We live life as a continuum of natural rebirth, versus life as a process of artificial death. The Ninth Amendment enforces the natural freedom of humanity, and women represent the essence of Nature. Women embody the scientific aniconic freedom of Nature, as we exist simultaneously as object and subject... as we embody the ability to shape life within our bodies. When originally drafted, the Constitution explicitely stated that humans have freedoms in addition to those enumerated in the first eight amendments of the Bill of Rights. As the Bill of Rights was drafted by men, for men, the Ninth Amendment becomes the core of women's freedom as it pertains to natural freedoms. As women represent the Laws of Nature, by the truth of natural science, women represent the basis of Natural Law. When the Ninth Amendment is ignored, by the ignorant, human freedom dissolves. When women are enslaved, a criminal act against the government by way of the Ninth Amendment is committed. The enslavement of women is a known act of treason, high treason actually, as defined within the linguistic infrastructure of the United States Constitution. As long as women are abused, controlled, and enslaved humanity is enslaved. Empirically, women's freedom is the source of humanity's freedom.

Indeed, I am alive because of a loaded gun. Like his belief in one God, Herman the First believed in the First Amendment. He believed in the freedom of expression, every human’s freedom of speech, separate and clearly distinct from nationalist views perpetuated by media mediocrity during his time. Nationalist patriotism had become amplified in America after WWI, with perpetual technological imagery and symbolism. Supporting the separation of religion and governance during this time was a risk, and he considered it a risk worth taking. He understood that the complacency that led many to undermine the freedoms of the Constitution, compromised the integrity of the US. Herman Hoeksema I, risked his life to defend the First Amendment. He chose to support the Constitutional doctrine instead of the hyper-nationalistic symbology of the red, white, and blue fabric flag. He chose to support his believe in the inherent, natural fabric of his motherland. And as his life became threatened defending the First, he had to protect himself with the Second. So I’m here, within this earth, because the Amendments existed not individually... not iconically, but simultaneously in multiplicity.

The Ninth Amendment supports 'unenumerated' freedoms. Unenumerated freedoms are those human freedoms which are not explicitely stated anywhere else within the Constitution. Whereas 'enumerated' rights are based on artificial legal code, biblio language code translated linguistically to the 'amendments' of the Constitution in the form of civil law, unenumerated freedoms are sourced from the codes and principles of Natural Law. The linguistics of the Natural Law is based on harmonics. It is based on energetic frequency, holistically aligned with the equations of sustainable growth. They are shaped to support all life on earth, in the healthy way. The freedom of all life to thrive healthily on earth, is the foundation of the Ninth Amendment.

Natural harmonic frequencies calibrate life sustaining energy in a fluid continuum. This fluid calibration happens in the flux between objective and subjective relationships. Energetic harmonic equations are balanced, expressed and experienced by humans most amplified in the frequecies of sound and light. These mediums relate directly to our ability to communciatee ideas about co-habitation, about civilization on an ulimately natural earth. Different human languages translate in differing degrees of alignment with natural harmonics. And the more aligned with harmonics of light and sound in Nature, the more authentic and clear our communications are with others. We communicate experience, physiologically with one another and this facilitates authentic healthy translations of understandings.

As the Constitution is drafted in the English language, an objective disjuncture is introduced between intent and meaning as the modern English language. Modern language sounding is objective and flattened relative to ancient natural communication. Historically, there has been some place perhaps slightly valid for this affect, this flattenting of sensory communication. In current times, one could easily show how this compromises authentic communication between humans, and compromises civilized health. Natural harmony resonates as subject and object and the English language is objective dominant. This disjuncture is also present in biblical translations, in numerous ways. So as we assess the intent of the meaning of the Amendments, we must do this within the context of the linguistics and the limitations of the language used. This truth makes it even more important to distinguish between religion and governance, specifically in relation to linguistic doctrine and speech, and the importance of the First Amendment within the context of the first Ten Amenments. Formal patriarchal religion disconnects humans from Nature, in contrast to ancient spirituality which connects humans with Nature. So to actually stay true to the Ninth Amendment, which supports natural human freedoms quntessentially, the First Amendment must be unquestionably enforced. Blurring the lines between religion and political government engages and supports the patriarchy, which is in truth a treasonous subversion of the Ninth Amendment.

Authentic ancient religions were, and still are, spiritual in Nature. There is a distinct difference between spirituality and formal religion. Ancient religious spiritual practices integrate ritual into the day to day, versus formalized religious practices which disconnect humans from the natural circadian rythms of the daily cycles of the multiverse. The chants, writings, and movements of authentic ancient spirituality were originally intended to stimulate invisible threads of connection between humans and the omnipotent presence of Nature everywhere. They still can to some extent, within the modern environment. Whereas modern formalized patriarchal religion distinguishes human civilization from Nature, the rituals of ancient spiritual practices were shaped to entrain humans to align with Nature's healing energetic system. Healing rhythmic chant was exercised instead of simple prayer. The linguistic harmonics of such ancient chants stimulate healthy meditative entrainment experiences in contrast to sedative artificial entrainment of modern technology. Natural spiritual experiences are healing, as the letters and sounds embedded in such chants shape translations between the healthy frequencies of the human body and the natural environment. Simply stated, ancient chanting has the power to entrain our frequencies to align with Nature, even within artificial surroundings. This is spiritual ritualistic healing. Chanting in alignment with the frequencies of Nature can actually align us with Schuman's resonance, the heart beat of the earth, which resonates in harmony with the human pineal gland of the sixth chakra. Singing, sounding, and vibrating our cellular fields in alignment with natural frequencies began as a significant source of ancient spiritual practices. It is an event happening only within the context of spirituality which recognizes the essential feminine quality of human life on earth. These sounding rituals are expressions of natural freedom.

Herman prayed. He didn't chant. Herman preached. At times, gave a rant. He was angry, arrogant, and adamant about his rightousness. It was in his blood. Herman wrote numerous books about his one God, as expressions of his existential existence. He also drafted literature about the detriments of the proliferation of iconic imagery. He was probably a philosopher more than a theologian, although in his day and time a man of the country had to preach his philosophical views to convey them to the masses. He was a painter of Nature. And as his linguistic etherial beliefs lived through the idea of One God, his beliefs lived on through his picturesque paintings of the subjective and objective dialog of sublime Nature....


To be continued...







When my great grandaddy died on September 2, 1965 his two sons Homer and Herman II faught over who would get his most prized painting and who would get his gun. My grandad Herman II got the gun. Currently my father Herman III cares for it, but I possess it.